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About GreenKeys

This page contains information about GreenKeys.

Operator Information

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Site NameGreenKeys
(Green Keys)
Site URLhttps://green-keys.info/
Old site URLhttps://greenwaves.jp/keys/
Start of operationJune 20, 2022
operating companyGreenEchoes Studio
(Green Echoes Studio)
Administrative ManagerRyosuke Kawamura
Content CreatorRyosuke Kawamura (Profile)
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D-U-N-S® Number
Company Location〒950-0986
2-1-5 Jindoji Minami, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
Please contact us via e-mail or inquiry form.
Email Addressinfo@greenechoes-studio.com
Inquiry FormPlease click here.
EstablishmentJanuary 18, 2019
Home Pagehttps://company.greenechoes-studio.com
BusinessWebsite management, etc.
Press ReleaseGreenEchoes Studio|PRTIMES

This site is operated by GreenEchoes Studio, a website management business located in Chuo-ku, Niigata City.

We monetize our business through the dissemination of communications-related information.

About editorial standards, editorial policy and fact-checking

At GreenKeys, our philosophy is to provide content that allows viewers to choose the services that are right for them.

We strive to create content from a neutral standpoint, with no discovery to a specific product.

Regarding editing, we will write and edit articles based solely on the issue of “what advantages and disadvantages exist for users” without demeaning any particular service, even if it is a third-party service.

For fact-checking, we will certify that the information is true by clearly indicating the official site or source of the information.

In addition, we will write from an objective standpoint to avoid any misunderstanding by the user, with regard to information that is not true and accurate, and will only provide the information.

About the authors of this site

All contents of GreenKeys are handled by Ryosuke Kawamura, a smartphone switching advisor, pocket WiFi selection expert, and telecommunication cost saving expert.

Kawamura top R

Name: Ryosuke Kawamura

Position: Representative of GreenEchoes Studio

Date of birth: June 1987

Twitter: @hottyhottea/@DenpaNavi/@GreenechoesS

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Operating Policy

This website is operated as a business using the “Affiliate Program” system.

GreenKeys’ policy is to create content that makes users feel good about choosing the products we introduce.

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In addition to questions and consultations, this site accepts inquiries regarding advertisements, contributions, interviews, and other work.

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