Stylish keycap found at KPrepublic|DOMIKEY X JU SALT LAKE KEYCAP SET


I was browsing the KPrepublic store and found a very cool keycap that I would like to share with you.


Domikey X JU Salt Lake Keycap Set ABS Doubleshots Tech Cherry Profile for keyboard 87 tkl

Many of you may have looked at this and thought, “What, that thing that looks like it’s made up of keycaps?” Many of you probably thought, “Oh, that’s a combination of keycaps.

No, it is not.

This is the kind of kit.


Here are the kit contents

In the base kit, you can see that the 75% layout is based on a three-color configuration.

Even the base kit has such a good selection of mod keys of different sizes that it will probably match quite a few 40% keyboards.

Additionally, space bar kits and number pad kits are available.

The key shape is Chrry profile, which is habit-free.

The material is double-shot ABS.

It was a particular pressure point in the recent keycap.

If you are interested, it is available for purchase here.

Please consider it!

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