Domikey SNAAKE CHASER (Chaser) Keycaps Review


In August 2023, KPrepublic launched three new DOMIKEY branded keycaps.


I have been given the opportunity to review the SNAAKE CHASER keycap, courtesy of KPepublic, and would like to review it.

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Domikey SNAAKE CHASER (Chaser) Keycaps Review

Domikey Chaser Keycap Cherry Profile ABS Doubleshot for MX Stem Mechanical Keyboard 87 104 cstc75 bm68

First, let’s look at the contents of the kit.

Kit Contents

  • Snaake Chaser BASE-E kit
  • Snaake Chaser BASE-J kit
  • Snaake Chaser BASE-R kit
  • Snaake Chaser Alpha-E kit
  • Snaake Chaser Alpha-J kit
  • Snaake Chaser Alpha-R kit
  • Snaake Chaser NUM+UK+ALT kit
  • Snaake Chaser Nov-G kit
  • Snaake Chaser Nov-Y kit
  • Snaake ChaserSpacebar kit

Price: $102.70 (price of base kit), etc.

The format of this keycap is that the main set is a base set with different languages, and other kits are purchased as additional options as needed.

Basically, the base kit covers most sizes of keycaps, so it can accommodate from full size to special layouts such as 40% layout.

If you want to use it with other keycaps, you could buy only the ALPHA kit.

Note, however, that it does not support an orthographic array consisting entirely of 1U keys.

The keycaps are made of ABS, which is quite thick, so there is none of the high-pitched, high-pitched sound that is characteristic of ABS when hitting keys.

Printing is double-shot, so printing will not be lost.

The key profile is the CHERRY profile.

KIT3 06 1

Can be changed to chic or modern with a combination of colored keycaps

Looking at the image of the keycap alone, SNAAKE CHASER looks quite modern, but depending on the combination with the colored keycap, it has the duality of being able to give a chic impression.

Kawamura top RKawamura

The impression is that it can be made both chic and modern, which is quite easy to use.

Photo of actual installation

The kit I was provided is an English-language base kit.

In this case, we attached it to the Yamada53 AN, a 40% keyboard designed by Darakuneko.

The use of novelty keys dares to give a modern impression.

As you can see, there is no print bleeding at all.

No burrs were seen on the keycap corners, giving the impression of very high quality keycaps.

Kawamura top RKawamura

Every time I think about it, the quality of Domikey’s keycaps is really great.

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This is a review of the Domikey Snaake Chaser keycap.

It was very helpful to see that even the part that can change the overall impression in combination with the color key caps has been considered.

If you are interested, please buy it!

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