NuPhy will be presenting content that answers questions that are a little harder to answer.


On May 15, 2024, NuPhy updated its official blog and posted content answering questions submitted by users.

This article will introduce the contents of the program.

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Some of the answers to the questions were quite pointed and therefore worth watching.

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Excerpts from NuPhy’s noteworthy responses

Here are the responses that caught my attention, with comments.

Halo75 V2 will have an ISO layout, maybe even JIS!

This is pretty big good news for JIS-ers.

The Halo75v2 is currently only available in US layout, but an ISO layout is scheduled for release at the end of 2024.

However, it should be noted that this is not an ISO=JIS (Japanese) layout.

Here are some ISO layouts released by Keychron.

Keychron Q1 QMK VIA Custom Mechanical Keyboard 75 Percent For Mac Windows UK ISO Layout Gateron G Pro Red Switch 1800x1800 1800x1800 117ef292 3cb2 4805 aa73 8f954930e824
Exhibit: Keychron

Thus, the ISO layout is often the UK version, and even though the Enter key shape is the same as the Japanese layout, the keycap printing is very different.

Here is a comparison with the company’s JIS layout.

Keychron Q1 QMK VIA Custom Mechanical Keyboard 75 Percent For Mac Windows UK ISO Layout Gateron G Pro Red Switch 1800x1800 1800x1800 117ef292 3cb2 4805 aa73 8f954930e824
Exhibit: Keychron
Q1P JIS3 1536x713 1
Exhibit: Kopec Japan

As you can see, in addition to the lack of “Full/Half-width”, no split backspace, and very different printing, the left shift is split, there are fewer keys next to the right shift, the number of keys on the bottom line is different, and there is no “Alphanumeric/Kana” key.

So we do not believe that ISO = JIS.

Gem96 with a numeric keypad, a derivative of Gem80, is suggested to be released.


The Gem80 is highly customizable with a great number of key feel options, and a 96% layout model with a numeric keypad on the right side is being prepared.

The release was targeted for late 2024.

Kawamura top RKawamura

Personally, I would like to see a smaller size in this line.
In many cases, the Japanese desk situation does not allow for sufficient space, so we are hoping for a more compact keyboard.

Rendering of Cherry MX compatible SpaceEngineer keycaps


Currently, there are still few options for low-profile mechanical keyboards, and there are not many options for replacement keycaps.

Among these, the SpaceEngineer keycap is gaining popularity with its pop coloring.

Space-themed keycaps with pop colors, cute!

A rendering of the CherryMX version of this has been released.

No official release has been decided yet, but we hope for the best.

We expect that it will probably be manufactured by KeyTok.

Kawamura top RKawamura

The Turn to 90s in the Smile profile was very excellent.

Response to request to release split keyboard.

What a surprise, there was also mention of a split keyboard.

The answer to this question was that they are interested in the development itself, but have not yet reached the stage of initiating related projects.

Hmmm, this is not likely to be released during 2024.

Kawamura top RKawamura

Personally, I feel that there are few developmental problems with splitting…perhaps that is because Japan has an unusually developed split keyboard culture.
I’m sure I could introduce you to any number of designers and neighborhoods in Japan.

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11 questions answered by NuPhy

Let’s look at the list of hard-to-answer questions answered by NuPhy.

  • Will an ISO layout version of Halo75 V2 be released?
  • Do you offer Fr4 plates for Halo75 V2?
  • Are there any plans to release a Gem model with a numeric keypad?
  • Will you release a Cherry MX compatible Space Engineer keycap for Halo75?
  • Will a GhostBar with low profile support be released?
  • Comparing Raspberry and Mint keyswitches, which has a more profound keystroke sound?
  • Is it possible to remap the “Fn” key on Halo75 V2 using QMK/VIA firmware?
  • Does the Halo75 V2 support the same tutelary style as the Air series?
  • How do I turn on the function keys instead of the media keys on the Air75 V2?
  • On Mac, the combination Fn+Tab+F does not work.
  • Do you plan to release a split keyboard?
  • Is it possible to make the air96 keycaps glow with PBT?

Halo75 V2 の ISO レイアウト バージョンはリリースされますか?

Yes, it will be released at the end of 2024.

Halo75 V2 用の Fr4 プレートは提供されますか?

The Halo series is designed according to the standards of mass-produced keyboards and the plates cannot be loosened and replaced as in the Gem series.

Gem にテンキー付きのモデルのリリース予定はありますか?

Yes, we are aiming for release in late 2024.

Halo75 用に対応したCherry MX互換の Space Engineer キーキャップはリリースしませんか?

Good suggestion! I will try to get a rendering before making a decision.


We had tried this project before. However, due to structural constraints, we had to abandon this project.

キースイッチのRaspberry と Mint を比べるとどちらの打鍵音が重厚ですか?


Halo75 V2 で QMK/VIA ファームウェアを使用して「Fn」キーを再マッピングすることは可能ですか?


Halo75 V2はAirシリーズと同じように尊師スタイルに対応していますか?

The Halo75 V2 footer is designed to support keyboards on a flat surface only and is not compatible for use with laptop keyboards.

Air75 V2 でメディア キーの代わりにファンクション キーをオンにするにはどうすればよいですか?

To set up a function key lock, you must use VIA. (For detailed instructions, send an email to

PBT で air96 のキーキャップを光らせることはできますか?

Unfortunately, there are no concrete plans at this time.


We are always interested in developing keyboards of this type and will continue our research, but have not yet reached the stage of initiating a related project.


The most significant new information was that the ISO layouts for Gem96 and Halo75v2 will be released during 2024!

By the way, preorders for Halo75v2 are open until May 16, 2024.

The pre-order bonus is quite reasonable, so hurry if you want one!

Of course, you can also use the coupon code, so please do.

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