GB of Zoom65v2.5 starts on September 19|GB in Japan has been canceled.


Popular keyboard brand Meletrix has updated its official X (formerly Twitter) to announce GB dates for the Zoom65v2.5.

The GB on the official website started on September 19 (local time) and will end on October 10.

Prices are $175.00 for the EE Edition and $199.00 for the SE Edition.

The vendor is described below.

Zoom65v2.5 Vendor List

  • US-Cannonkeys
  • US-KFA
  • US-DangKeebs
  • CA-Mech. land
  • AU-KeebzNCables: TBD
  • UK- Prototypist: TBD
  • DE-Keygem
  • SG-iLumkb
  • VN-Soigear
  • MY-Rebult
  • TH-Gamingplanet
  • IDN-Keebsmark
  • Poland-FUNKEYS
  • Ukraine-FUNKEYS

Yusha Kobo was listed as a vendor in Japan, but has been discontinued for various reasons. (Removed from the list)

Each time, Cannonkeys in the U.S. handles the product, but considering the shipping costs to Japan, the original Meletrix (China) may be less expensive.

Kawamura top RKawamura

If it is not available in Japan, it seems that the only way to purchase it is to import it overseas.

For more information, please visit the official website.

Zoom65v2.5 Overview

  • Four new SE Edition cases have been added: SE Black, SE Orange, SE Lavender, and E White, for a total of 15 case colors to choose from.
  • New PCB is compatible with V2 but not V1
  • The back plate specifications have been changed, with the SE Edition using aluminum as before, while the EE Edition uses a glass plate.
  • Upper right knob changed to luminescent type
  • Zoom65V2 x Soul Land collaboration version also includes keycap
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