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  • 40% layout mechanical keyboard kit offered by coffee break keyboard
  • Currently, the product is already sold out and is essentially end of sale.
  • If you ask the person in the Discord to sell you a case-only B-stock item, they may offer it to you.
  • Since the case and substrate data are open source and publicly available, you can use them by ordering them yourself.
  • As for PCBs, there are two types: the normal MX /ALPS compatible type and the capacitance non-contact type.
  • Case data is available on Github by Zhol0777.
  • Acrylic case data is available from Sumiso
  • The mounting method is special: a rubber pin called a tadpole is inserted into the PCB and sandwiched between the top and bottom cases to secure the substrate.
  • The main body is made of aluminum alloy and is heavy.
  • Price is $199.00 including PCB
  • A third-party PCB (bally) is also available and was designed by aki27. The main feature is that it has a trackball module.
  • Click here to purchase ▷▷▷.

このキーボードのキー配列・サイズは【】【 】です。




Included in each kit: 1.
* 1 PCB, equipped with an STM32F072-equivalent MCU loaded with QMK/VIAL
* 1 JST-SH, 50mm
* 1 C3 Unified Daughterboard
* 10x 50A durometer Geonworks Tadpoles
* 10x 70A durometer Geonworks Tadpoles
* Top case
* Bottom case
* 0 plates
* 1 plate file
In addition, PCB edge cuts are available in the Discord.

Reference: https: //www.cbkbd.com/product/bully

Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

Click here for a list of coupon codes ▷▷▷

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