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Will the second crowdfunding round also be a success?

HIGHER DAYS Corporation, the official distributor of Melgeek Mojo68 in Japan, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the product on “machi-ya.

This is the second phase of crowdfunding following the crowdfunding on “Makuake” conducted at the end of 2022.



The crowdfunding resulted in 19 supporters.

The number of applicants was significantly lower than the previous round, suggesting that price was still a bottleneck.

Wired models are available on the official website for less than 20,000 yen, so please consider that option as well.

Various coloring options are also available on the official website.

The classification is a little complicated, so please use the narrow down search function.

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Discount Code: ryo10

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Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

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What is Mojo68?

Mojo68 is a mechanical keyboard by Melgeek®️.

The keyboard is compatible with Windows/Mac, and the keymap as well as keyswitches and keycaps can be customized.

The product was not previously available in Japan, but with this crowdfunding, HIGHER DAYS Co. has acquired the rights to sell the product in Japan.

It is assumed that the crowdfunding is being conducted as a touchstone for future general sales.

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Popularity in crowdfunding is

In the first phase, 81 supporters and a total of 2,788,670 yen were collected and signed up.

Since the goal of 300,000 yen was far exceeded, this can be considered a success.


The second crowdfunding contract amount was set at 100,000 yen, one-third of the previous amount.

At the time of writing, we have already received 12 applications and have reached our goal.

The most popular colors last time were still the flagship “Plastic” and “Plastic Advance,” and the 50 units of the very early bird discount were sold out quickly.

Image reference: Makuake

In terms of support for this project, the “Plastic/Plastic Advance” and “NEON/PIGEON/ROSE” super-early-bird discount (limited to 5 units) have already sold out, and the 15-unit limited early-bird discount product is selling out.

Given that the flagship color is not available, unlike the previous support situation, it is possible that those who purchased the product on Makuake are “repeating” the product in another color.

As a matter of fact, I bought one myself, and I can very well understand why you would want to repeat it.

Mojo68 is a bundle of charm.

The Mojo68 is the look you’re talking about.

The toy-like pop impression will make your desk look more festive.

Like the popular YouTuber Yamakafu, I consider a keyboard to be “stationery,” so I would definitely add this product to my list of options for switching between multiple keyboards, just like switching between pens.

But more than these looks, the keystroke feel is wonderful.

In addition to the gasket construction, the luxurious use of sound-absorbing materials such as PORON®︎ provides excellent quietness.

In addition, the “Kailh Plastic Custom” switch, which appears to have been jointly developed by Melgeek and Kailh, is very comfortable.

Melgeek mojo68 12

I was surprised that the MDA profile, a keycap shaped like an evolution of the spherical design, really feels like it sucks on the belly of the finger, without exaggeration.

Notes on the purchase of Mojo68

The first thing to note is that the price is high.

Even though it is technically compliant, the general sales price of 53,900 yen (including tax) is quite high-end for a keyboard.

Certainly, I could see enough value in the purchase to know that it is worth it, but those who can afford this amount of money must be quite the gadget enthusiasts.

Another aspect of Kailh Plastic Custom, which we praised highly as a unique keyswitch, is that it is too light in key feel.

The pressure is 45g±15gf, which is the same as the general red-axis pressure, but it feels much lighter.

My personal impression is that it is about 30g lighter than REALFORCE.

This is ideal for those who type as if stroking a keyboard, but may not be recommended for those who do not.

However, this key switch is only available here, so we recommend that you purchase the key switch with this key switch for now, and if you do not like it, purchase a separate key switch to customize it.

If you are interested, please visit the machi-ya site

If you are interested, please visit our crowdfunding site.

View Mojo68 at machi-ya ▷▷▷

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