New Akko SPR75 Kit|75% keyboard with spring-mounted keys for excellent key feel.


On September 15, 2023, popular keyboard brand Akko launched its new DIY kit, the 75% layout Akko SPR 75 Kit.

The SPR75 kit is a DIY kit with spring mounting and is one of the high-end keyboards released by the company.

SPR 75 Kit Details

SPR 75 XQ Q2
  • Array: 75% layout
  • Body color: Black only
  • PCB: ENIG Flex-Cut south-facing PCB (without LED)/5-pin key switch hot-swappable
  • Plate material: FR4 / POM plate included
  • Mounting method: spring mount (3 types of springs included: 120g, 170g, 230g)
  • Connection method: Wired connection only (USB /Type-C)
  • Price : $159.99
  • Shipping: Included in the product price
  • Shipping from: China
  • Standard time to arrival: 10 to 30 days

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the SPR 75 kit is its spring mounting mechanism.

In addition to the bottom plate mounting, everything is in a heavy aluminum case for excellent stability.

It has three layers of PORON foam and silicone foam, which are sound-absorbing materials, and they absorb excess noise and flow.

SPR 75 XQ Q3

The addition of a spring-loaded, flexible key feel creates a unique, soft, yet core key feel.

Kawamura top RKawamura

Flex-cut PCBs also do a pretty good job.

SPR 75 XQ X2

You will be captivated by the sound of these keys as you listen to them strike.

As for the SPR series, the SPR 67 Kit, a 65% layout keyboard, has been released so far, but it quickly sold out and has become a very popular series that occasionally comes back in stock but sells out quickly.

Kawamura top RKawamura

I personally have one SPR 67 Kit, and I rate it as the most cost-effective keyboard I have owned, and it boasts the best keyboard feel.

Since it is a DIY kit, you will need to assemble it yourself, but since there is no troublesome soldering, it will be easy to assemble.

Please see this video for assembly instructions.

At the time of writing, they are still in stock.

As in the case of the SPR67 Kit, it is quite possible that we will sell out, so if this rings a bell, please do so as soon as possible.



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