Over 6,000 likes for “Let me just say it’s a luxury keyboard…” heartbreaking post.


The impact of the weak yen…? What exactly is the financial situation in your home country?

On May 21, 2024, Microsoft announced the availability of a new wireless keyboard for the Surface Pro.

What caught our attention was its price.

The price was set at a whopping 80,000 Japanese yen.

The PC Watch post received numerous comments.

As for this pricing, many people saw it as a response to the price of the new keyboard for the newly released iPad (about 60,000 yen).

The official HHKB X account, which has been touting the “original” high-end keyboard, responded to this.

HHKB is a long-established high-end keyboard that uses the capacitance non-contact method.

As for the HHKB Studio, which was newly released in October 2023, its selling price was 44,000 yen (including tax), which was the highest price among the company’s current lineup. (The most expensive to date was probably the HG series, which cost 525,000 yen at the time.)

However, it is likely that this post was made because the keyboard for the Surface Pro announced this time was much more expensive.

In response to these witty posts, fans sent warm messages.

Personally, I do not believe that the composition is “higher price equals superior quality”.

As for HHKB, I would like to see it maintained at its current price, and I hope that this will lead to more people using it.

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