Acrylic palm rests are now available from MelGeek.


On September 16, 2023, popular keyboard brand MelGeek updated its official X (formerly Twitter) to announce the launch of a new acrylic palm rest.

It is available in two colorings, Transparent and Frost.

Transparent is good for those who want transparency, and Frost is good for those who prefer a matte texture like sea glass.

The size is 320mm, almost the same width as a typical 65%/75% keyboard, making it a perfect fit for the company’s Mojo68/Mojo84 releases.

As for weight, the acrylic material weighs 470g, which will contribute to a stable typing feel.

The price is $19.99, Use coupon code “ryo10” on this site to get an additional 8% discount coupon code “ryo10” to receive an additional 8% discount.


  • Material: Acrylic with Rubber feet
  • Fit for 65% keyboard
  • Dimensions:320mm(W)*80mm(L)*18mm(H)
  • Weight: 470g

As for acrylic palm rests, rival manufacturer NuPhy has released one before us, but there is no completely see-through acrylic palm rest, so it is likely to grow in popularity.



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