Keycaps for Corne IC [Keyreative x GreenKeys]


Note: The IC results have been received and are now available for sale.

This is Kawamura of Green Keys Management.

Green Keys is currently considering selling Keyreative and a new set of keycaps.

The new keycap set we are considering releasing is a keycap set exclusively for Corne.

This is a story that anyone with an irregular keyboard can relate to.

  • Buying a set of keycaps for a full set will result in a large amount of extra keycaps.
  • You only need a little keycap, but you have to pay for the full set.
  • The keymap and legend do not match the set keymap.

The keycaps we are considering using for this project are “icons” for the MOD keys, so no matter which keys you set, you will not have to worry about “mismatches” between the set keys and the print.

In addition, since this is a keycap set exclusively for Corne, it requires only the minimum number of keys needed, which may reduce the selling price compared to a full-size set.

We are still in the interest check stage, but we are looking forward to talking with our counterparts.

We would love to hear your valuable input!

  • Response period: March 28, 2024 – April 4, 2024 (JST = USC+9)
  • Language: Japanese and English
  • Number of questions: 5
  • Collection of personal information: None
  • Response form: Use Google Forms

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