Lofree Edge is announced|Ultra-thin mechanical keyboard with new switches


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On March 25, 2024, Lofree announced the new Lofree Edge keyboard at discord.


Lofree Edge is an ultra-thin mechanical keyboard with a 75% US layout made of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy body material.


The images show that the surface of the body is made of carbon fiber and the back is made of magnesium alloy.


The thickness of the body, not including the bottom part, is only 5.4 mm.


As for weight, it weighs less than 500g and is light enough to be carried around.


The keyswitch uses the “Edge Low-Profile Switch,” which appears to have been newly developed with Kailh, and inherits the smoothness of the keyswitch used in FLOW, which has been talked about for its smooth operation, while reducing the push-in depth to 2.4 mm and the height to 9.8 mm. The height is also reduced to 9.8mm.


Furthermore, despite its thinness, the gasket-mounted structure is expected to provide a soft keystroke feel.


As for the connection method, BT /USB Type-C wired connection is supported, and the polling rate for wired connection is 1000Hz, which is one of the benchmarks these days, and features low latency.


The ultimate feature is the ability to change the keymap.

It is true that there were calls for keymap changes to be realized on FLOW, since the competing NuPhy Air75v2, released at the same time as Lofree FLOW, supported keymap changes through QMK/VIA support.

Since Edge will probably be positioned as the successor to FLOW, we had the impression that they have come up with a mechanism that could not be realized with FLOW.

→The spokesperson suggested that it may not be a successor.(Added on March 29, 2024)

However, although details are not mentioned, it appears that original software is used, and it will be interesting to see if features such as Tap-Hold will be included.

The selling price is expected to be $249.00, but with the super early bird discount, it will be available for $129.00.

The method of sale is also not specified, but we expect it will probably be crowd-funded.

If you are interested, please sign up for the launch notes and get it at the early bird price!

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Discount Code: ryo10

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