New Low-Profile Keycaps “Space Engineer Keycaps” from NuPhy|50% Off with Keyboard


On March 11, 2024, NuPhy updated its official sales website to announce the release of its new low-profile keycap.

The new keycaps are “Space Engineer Keycaps”.

Available in two colors, white-based “BRIGHT” and black-based “DARK,” Legend features an 80s retro game-like font.

The pop-colored Bright in particular seems to be a good match for the company’s Air series releases.

(technical) specification

  • nSA Profile
  • PBT material
  • 5-sided DyeStublimation molding
  • 117 keys
  • General supporting layout: 60%/75%/96%.

The theme of the keycap is the cockpit of an interstellar spacecraft.

The font features give it a spacy feel.

It is made of Keytok’s PBT material, which is abrasion and stain resistant, and the colors are very vivid and beautiful.


The profile is nSA, which is flat on all sides, and seems to work well with low-profile keyboards with MX compatible axes.

As part of the release campaign, purchases will include a sticker that can be placed on the refrigerator and a 50% discount when purchased as a set with any of the Air Series keyboards from March 11 to 25.


Of course, it can be used in conjunction with Green Keys coupon codes.

Coupon NuPhy 400

Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

Japanese users, please click here (technical compliance).

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Why not take this opportunity to enjoy the new keycaps together with the Air series, which has been further improved with the V2 keystroke feel?

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