HHKB Studio is unexpectedly so popular that it sells out its half-year supply within a month and a half of its launch.


On March 12, 2024, the official HHKB account operated by PFU Corporation updated its official X to announce that HHKB Studio has sold its originally planned six-month supply in just one and a half months since its launch.

The launch is October 25, 2023.

HHKB, which until then had been sticking to the “capacitance non-contact method,” suddenly released HHKB Studio as an “all-in-one device” with Cherry MX compatible key switches, track points in the center of the keyboard, and gesture panels on both sides and on the front side. It was really shocking.

It must still be fresh in your mind that the initial sales sold out in an instant, and for a while the product was in short supply, selling out immediately after arrival.

Today, supply and demand seem to be in balance, and they are able to sell the product without running out of stock.

Recently, the number of optional accessories has been gradually expanded, such as unmarked keytops and keyboard roofs exclusively for the HHKB Studio, which will surely stimulate buyers’ desire to collect them.

The author is actually one of the users of HHKB.

As expected, the Professional Hybrid Type-S, which uses a traditional capacitance non-contact keyswitch, has a pleasant, unique keystroke feel, but I couldn’t help but notice a “tactile” sensation (the feeling of resistance slipping out while pressing down on a key).

Since I usually use the Cherry MX silent linear axis, I prefer the linear feel of the HHKB Studio and have been using the Studio more frequently recently.

Although it is a bit expensive, it is a “must-have” product.

If you are interested, please purchase the product.

Incidentally, a key feel similar to the mechanical key switches employed is the Kailh DeepSea Islet.

If you already have a type of keyboard with replaceable mechanical key switches, you may want to try it first.

Kawamura top RKawamura

Please note that this is a personal and subjective view, and is for reference only.

Incidentally, the original key switch is not a replacement key switch, but rather a fairly high-end product since it stands only as a “maintenance item.

31p2VQ2gFeL. SL160
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Discount Code: ryo10

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