NuPhy launches 5th Anniversary Sale: 15% off all products except HALO V2 Series!


On May 28, 2024, NuPhy announced the launch of its fifth anniversary sale on several of its channels.

The sale has already begun and will run for four days, from May 28 to June 1, 2024.

The sale outline is as follows

5th Anniversary Sale

  • 15% off all purchases*.
  • Buy Halo65 and get a free set of shine-through key caps!
  • Buy Field75 and get 50% off wrist rests

*Excluding HALO75V2

The highlight of the sale, after all, will be the “15% off all items.

This is your chance to save 15% on all products except HALO75V2.

To apply the 15% discount, please use the following coupon code Cart Screen”. on the “Cart Screen” to apply the 15% discount.

15% off coupon code: AS15

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Note that the actual display screen does not show a 15% discount.

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  • If you are unfamiliar with overseas shopping, you may have some resistance to English-language sites, but rest assured that all of the operators are reliable and directly affiliated with our business.
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We have business transactions in English with our counterparts and have a business alliance with GreenEchoes Studio, the operating entity of GreenKeys.

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  • All information regarding shipping address and name should be written in English.
  • Here is a website that converts Japanese addresses to English addresses ▷▷.
  • Coupon codes can be entered on the cart screen.

Here are the products I recommend.

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The first and best recommendation would be Gem80.

Due to the popularity of this model, a full-size model with a numeric keypad is being planned for this year.

If you don’t need a numeric keypad and prefer a compact size, this size is recommended.

An independent arrow key is still justice.

The Gem80 is, after all, attractive for its versatile keystroke feel.

With the “Omni-Mount” system, which allows you to experience multiple mounts, including top-mount and gasket-mount, and the choice of three material plates (aluminum, polycarbonate, and POM) in addition to the default FR4 plate, the world of mechanical keyboards will be This is a very good experience for those who want to dive into the world of mechanical keyboards.

Of course, optional plates are also 15% off.

Products to buy together


Next is AIr60v2.

The compact body and low profile make it ideal for carrying around, and it is also compatible with the “Tongshi style” of use, in which it is placed on top of a laptop computer.

Since v2, it is now possible to change the keymap, which allows for a great deal of flexibility.

It is also recommended for its improved key feel.

Products to buy together

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