NuPhy’s Black Friday/Air96v2 Pre-Orders End Soon


NuPhy’s Black Friday sale, which began on November 20, will end on November 27.

At the time of writing, November 28 at 5:00 a.m. Japan time, the event was still being held.

Kawamura top RKawamura

We are not sure what time frame the due date is, but we may be able to slip in.

Don’t forget to use coupon code “BF20” when making your purchase.

Pre-orders for the Air96v2, which were limited to one month, will also close on November 30.

As for the evolution from Air96v1, QMK/VIA is now supported from this V2 board.

Other improvements include the addition of new colors, more key switch options, and a much improved polling rate when connected to a USB dongle, making it easier to use and more advanced.

Air96 V2Air96 V1
QMK/VIA Supportsymbol used as a placeholder (either because a number of other words could be used in that position or because of censorship)×
2.4GHz polling rate1000Hz500Hz
Battery capacity4000mAh4000mAh
tilt legbuilt-inbuilt-in
keycapDouble-shot PBTDouble-shot PBT
Selectable key switchesGateron LP 2.0 Red/Brown/Blue
NuPhy Aloe/Wisteria/ Cowberry/Moss
Gateron LP 2.0 Red/Brown/Blue
NuPhy Aloe/Wisteria/Daisy
Sound-absorbing foamEquipped (with space bar silicone)Equipped (without space bar silicone)
Available ColorsLunar Grey (color, colour)
Basalt Black
ionic white
Lunar Grey (color, colour)
ionic white

Existing users also have the means to purchase an upgrade kit.

Buy Air96 V1 PCB Upgrade Kit ▷▷▷

Sales Details

  • Reservations begin: October 31, 2023
  • Reservation deadline: November 30, 2023
  • Estimated delivery date: All orders placed before November 30, 2023 will be shipped starting December 15, 2023
  • Price: $129.95-139.95 (body)/$35.00 (PCB only)
  • Color: Lunar Gray/Iconic White/Basalt Black
  • Selectable keyswitches: 7 types (Gateron LP 2.0 Red/Brown/Blue/NuPhy Aloe/Wisteria/Cowberry/Moss)

Pre-order benefits

  • Complimentary set of shine-through keycaps (retail value $19).
  • 50% off a set of COAST keycaps (Retail $24)
  • 48% off NuFolio V3 (Retail $29)
  • 47%-50% off Mono Wrist Rests (Retail $19-$24)

*Only one set of free keycaps will be provided per car. If more than that, an additional fee will be charged.

In particular, the special offer of a free “shine-through keycap,” which is the highlight of the pre-order bonus, is only available during the pre-order period, so those who want a replacement keycap may want to consider purchasing one.

Please note that the 10% off coupon code from our site’s partnership with NuPhy can be used even for pre-order purchases.

GreenKeys Coupon code400 300

Happy 10% OFF Coupon : [ ryo10 ].

NuPhy is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, with recent reports of Air60v2 landing on the market.

I have high hopes for V2 of the Halo series in the future.

Let’s look forward to it.



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