Possibly the longest in the world? A keyboard based on a 40% layout with a total length of 2 meters is now available.


Hmmm, maybe this is the longest in the world?

Many of you who live in the modern age work on computers, and I am sure that many of you cannot go a day without touching a keyboard.

However, many people take the existence of a keyboard so much for granted that they are not aware of it as if it were air.

Let us bring one spicy topic to those who are interested.

Information Source: Homebrew Keyboard Hot Springs Town Weekly Report

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Discount Code: ryo10

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The Longest Keyboard in the World? The keyboard is called “Long Boi

Pikatea has launched a mechanical keyboard kit that exceeds 2 meters in length.

Its name is Long Boi.

This alone will not give you the full picture.

The full picture is this.

It is really a ridiculous length.

In fact, it is another amazing point that you can really buy this, not a story.

Normally, the size is 76 cm, but the special version is 2 m 18 cm.

By the way, this is the normal size.

This would still be long enough.

A normal keyboard is about 30 cm long.

Long keyboard has a special layout

If you have noticed this keyboard, you are astute.

Yes, this keyboard does not have a number line and a function key line.

Screenshot2023 11

This keyboard supports the QMK mechanism and has a “key remapping” function that allows the user to place any key in any desired position, and the basic typing method for keys that are not on the surface is to recall them by simultaneously pressing the layer key.

Kawamura top RKawamura

I only use the keyboard 40% of the time, by the way.
It is convenient once you get used to it.

Buy it and open new doors!

This Long Boi is a “keyboard kit” and must be assembled by yourself upon arrival.

Specifically, in addition to the process of soldering electronic parts, it is necessary to set up a key map using special software.

If you’ve heard this much, it sounds like a pretty hard purchase…but if you’ve ever soldered in a technical home economics class, you’re sure to be fine.

Now, you, too, are welcome to the homemade keyboard swamp.

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