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Today is a blog-like day…I am Kawamura, the manager.

In fact, I had the flu and had to take a week off.

We’re back today…and it’s almost the last day, so here’s a summary of Black Friday deals from around the keyboarding community that we partner with.

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Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

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Find a keyboard layout you like.

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Lofree Sale

Lofree is also offering Flow, which was very popular in the crowdfunding process, for sale.

For more information, please see this article!

Mode Designs

Holding period:~November 27

Mode Designs, which quickly gained recognition in Japan with the introduction of the Envoy, has recently been quite active in introducing new products, including the Tempo with the HHKB layout and the Loop, the successor to the Eighty with the TKL layout.

Their Black Friday aims are keycaps, key switches, and desk mats.


Four types of keycaps are available.

We recommend TOMORROW and LOTUS.

All of the keys are made of a hybrid of ABS and PBT, which gives the user a unique keystroke feel that is not too hard.

We especially recommend the TOMORROW color scheme, as it is not readily available.


In keyswitches, the sale includes linear switches in collaboration with alexotos, a keyboard reviewer and probably the world’s largest keyboard review channel, but unfortunately they are sold out.

I personally use Obscura Linear Switches frequently.

At 65g, it has a heavy feel and produces a nice click-click sound rather than a thump-click sound.

Well, let’s try it out and listen to the sound of a keystroke.


Desk mats in the same theme as the keyswitches are also on sale.

Many of you may be interested in the Keystitch series because of its space theme.

And if you enter the discount code ” 50OFF300 “, you get $50 off $300 or more, which is crazy.

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Anyone who wants to buy Tempo is also welcome to do so…!

Click here to visit the sale site ▷▷▷


Holding period:~November 27

NuPhy offers a 20% discount on all products except the Air V2 series.

The target would be keyswitches, keycaps, and deskmats.

We recommend these two.

It is often out of stock in Japan, but it is definitely available in its original home.

Both are cosmetic keyswitches with a distinctive bottoming sound.

You will love it.


As for keycaps, we recommend the Carmine Cloud and the two types of keycaps that were released as replacement keycaps for the Field75.

Carmine Cloud, in particular, is a gentle color designed for dusk to night, and many people may be interested in it.

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Happy 20% OFF Coupon : [ BF20 ].


Holding period:~November 27


MelGeek is targeting Mojo68.


You can buy it for a whopping $40 off!

Other popular MDA Label keycaps are also a bit cheaper, so take advantage of this opportunity.


Click here to visit the sale site ▷▷▷



Holding period:~November 27

KPrepublic is offering a sale with a discount rate that varies depending on the amount of the purchase.

In addition,

Take a peek at some keyboards and keycaps at 50% off.


Domikey’s SA profile keycaps are especially recommended.

Enter ” DomikeySABFCMsale ” for a whopping 50% off.

Click here to visit the sale site ▷▷▷


Although not announced on the official website, X announces a 20% discount as follows

Please take a look at our stylish small desk mats.

F ps4YpXYAAsE23

Click here to visit the sale site ▷▷▷



JGHD banner PC 4

Akko is offering 50% off a set of keycaps when you buy a keyboard.

The recommended keyboard would be the MOD007B series, which uses magnetic keyswitches, which have recently become popular.


The color scheme of the default keycap is somewhat messed up, but you can purchase a keycap and a keycap at the same time to create one to your liking.

Kawamura top RKawamura

ACR TOP 40 is also eligible, so be sure to check it out!

Click here to visit the sale site ▷▷▷



This was a quick but brief summary.

After all, if you are going to make a purchase, it may be a good idea to buy from Mode Designs, which rarely has sales.

There is only one day left, so don’t forget to buy.

Oh, and don’t forget the Black Friday sales on and AliExpress.

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Spend your money comfortably!

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