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On April 1, 2024, JLCPCB updated its official X to announce the addition of a multi-color silkscreen option to its PCB manufacturing services.

Until then, the default color for PCBs was green, and only a few other colors were available.

However, with this release, you can now incorporate your preferred image design into PCBs.

JLCPCB color

The ordering process involves preparing an image (PNG or JPEG) that meets the size and resolution of the PCB dimensions, and then fine-tuning the image.

How to Design and Order Multi-color Silkscreen PCBs

Designing and ordering a Multi-color Silkscreen PCB on JLCPCB is very simple, that can be completed in a few simple steps: 1.

  1. Prepare the image: Choose or create the image you want to incorporate into your PCB design. Ensure it is in JPG or PNG format (we only support those two formats at the moment) and meets the size and resolution requirements for the PCB dimensions.
  2. Import the image: Open EasyEDA, locate the silkscreen layer or the layer designated for component markings and labels. Import the JPG or PNG image onto this layer.
  3. Adjust and position the image: Resize and position the imported image according to your desired placement on the PCB. Ensure it aligns correctly with the components and doesn’t interfere with critical areas.
  4. Verify the design: Review the overall design to confirm the accurate placement and fit of the image within the specified PCB dimensions. Make any necessary adjustments or modifications.
  5. Submit the design to JLCPCB: Upload the generated manufacturing files, including the Multi-color Silkscreen layer, to JLCPCB’s online ordering page. Follow the provided instructions for file submission and specify the Multi-color Silkscreen printing requirements.
  6. Place the order: Once satisfied with the design and specifications, proceed to place the order with JLCPCB.

We are currently offering a promotion and are offering a $7 coupon if you follow the steps below.

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Promotion deadline is April 30, 2024.

If you are interested, why not place an order?

Information reference: JLCPCB

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