Canadian keyboard brand ZSA opens Japanese website.


On March 16, 2024, an announcement was made by a volunteer keyboard fan that ZSA’s Japanese website was now open.

ZSA is a keyboard brand based in Canada.

The company is headquartered in Canada, but has sales offices around the world, and the keyboard itself is manufactured by Tibbo Technology, a high-end manufacturer in Taiwan.

Currently, the following three models are available in Japanese.

Ergodox EZ

This lineup of mainly left-right split keyboards is a major feature of the product lineup.

Kawamura top RKawamura

Personally, I had never heard of Voyager before.
Low-profile and left-right split is quite rare.
Since this is a specification that is only found in the homebrew keyboard community, many people may be pleased to see that this is an off-the-shelf product.
(And someone I know was reviewing the video w)

With the Keychron Q11 now available for official purchase in Japan, and FILCO entering the split keyboard market, is 2024 the year that split keyboards finally gain traction?

Please take a look at the official website!

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Discount Code: ryo10

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