Keychron K3 Max/Keychron Q11 now officially available in Japan


On March 15, 2024, Kopec Japan, the authorized distributor of Keychron products in Japan, started the authorized sales of Keychron K3 Max and Keychron Q11 in Japan.

The Keychron K3 Max is priced at 18,920 yen (including tax) and the Keychron Q11 at 42,900 yen (including tax).

k3max hero 2048x1152 1

The Keychron K3 Max is a 75% layout mechanical keyboard.

Unlike ordinary mechanical keyboards, the low-profile key switches lower the height from the bottom of the keyboard to the key tops, making it possible to use the keyboard without discomfort even when switching from a membrane keyboard.

K3 Max Ergonomic

The keymap can be changed, and the connection method can be selected from BT, 2.4GHz, and Type-C wired connection. The wireless connection using the 2.4GHz band has the same 1000Hz polling rate as the wired connection, so typing can be done without worrying about delay You will be able to type without worrying about delay.

Unlike the previous unmarked and Pro models, the new model is equipped with sound-absorbing material to provide a quieter keystroke feel.


The Keychron Q11 is a left-right split mechanical keyboard with a 75% layout.

At first glance, the look of the keyboard may seem very alien, but since the left and right bumps are designed to fit perfectly, the keyboard can be used exactly as a normal keyboard by attaching them together.

If you are interested in a left-right split keyboard but are concerned about whether you will be able to use it, this is the perfect product for you.

Recently, FILCO has released a split keyboard that has become a hot topic, but given the difficulty of actively changing the keymap, we can say that Q11 is recommended for those who want to customize the keymap.

Of course, Q11 can flexibly change all keymaps.

Unlike the previous Q series, the Q series does not have a gasket-mounted structure, but with a little modification, a comfortable keystroke sound can be obtained.

The connection method is Type-C wired connection only, and a Type-C USB cable is also used for the connection between the left and right sides.

Although several companies have released left-right split keyboards, there are few products that use aluminum bodies, and we can recommend this product to those who seek a sense of ownership in their keyboards.

Kawamura top RKawamura

I imported and purchased the product on the day it was released and it is a very good product.

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Discount Code: ryo10

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