Cannonkeys launches several keycaps, including NicePBT Blanks


On April 5, 2024, Cannonkeys announced on its official discord the release of its new keycap, Nice PBT Blanks, and three other keycap sets.

The following three items are newly launched for sale.

  • Nice PBT Blanks $35.00-
  • Nice PBT Dog $75.00-
  • Nice PBT Cat $75.00-

Designed by Cannonkeys, these three keycap sets are created with PBT material and, with the exception of Blanks, are sublimation printed (Dye-Sub).

As for the profile, it is Cherry.


As for both DOG/CAT keycap sets, although they look fancy at first glance, they can be used as regular WoBs if the novelty keycaps are not used.

The set includes a split space bar and mod keys of less common sizes, which is sufficient for a 40% keyboard.

In addition, it also contains two Bs, which will be welcomed by traditional Alice layout users.

As for Blanks, the main feature is that it is very inexpensive at $35.00, in addition to being available in seven different colors.

The drawback is the high shipping cost to Japan, but I think this is a very good value keycap set.

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