Corne Keyboard v4.1 is released


On May 7, 2024, Corne creator foostan updated his official X to announce the release of Corne Keyboard v4.1.

Corne Keyboard v4.1 fixes

  • Fixed a problem that made it unusable after miniaturization
    • In v4.0.0, there was a problem that GND floated when the edge of the board was folded, making it unusable, but this problem has been fixed since v4.1.0.
  • Change of parts for TRRS connector
    • The TRRS connector ( ST-0277D00-052-142 ) used in v4.0.0: has been discontinued and replaced by the PJ-399B-6A. As a result, from v4.1.0, TRS (3 poles) will be used for left-right communication. TRS (3 poles) is not supported in v4.0.0.

*If a board is manufactured using the V4.1.1 left-right intercommunication parts selected by default when ordering a board, it will not be compatible with a case created based on a V4.0.0 board. For products sold by Yousha-Kobo, the parts will be changed to compatible parts before being sold. Also, if you are designing a case, you may want to allow some margin for the TRS jack, as its position may be severe.

After all, the most significant modification is the ability to miniaturize.

Previously, there was a problem with the board not working when the edge of the board was folded, but now that this has been corrected, many people will be able to get their long-awaited mini conversion.

In addition, the TRRS jacks used to connect the left and right sides are no longer in production, so they have been replaced with similar parts.

There are no changes to the case or board due to the connector change, only the firmware has been modified.

This also fixes the firmware.


The currently out-of-stock inventory of Yousha Kobo is also expected to be added as soon as it is ready.


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