Mode Designs Sonnet updates to 2024 version for sale


On May 8, 2024, US-based custom keyboard brand Mode Designs updated its official YouTube channel to announce the new Sonnet, featuring a new PCB mounting style.


Sonnet is a 75% layout mechanical keyboard.

The block-mount system had been used for some time, but has been redesigned to the new block-mount system used in the 65% keyboard, which was available for pre-order in March.


The block mounting system is a very attractive system in which the PCB board is mounted between blocks embedded in the case, providing a unique keystroke feel and sound.

Mounting a silicon rubber mass will give a hard hitting feel, while mounting a cushioned “Lattice Block” like the Bonoloy structure will give a soft, bouncy feel.

Please click here to listen to the keystroke sound. (Envoy)

This is not the only major feature of the Mode Designs keyboard.

Most of their keyboards are “semi-custom,” which means that you can choose your favorite parts and get a “one-of-a-kind” keyboard.

With this update, new colors are also available for the top case, weights, and accent blocks.

Prices start at $299.00 and will be available for pre-order beginning June 26, 2024.

They plan to ship in August.

Additionally, a collaborative model with Alexotos, a world-renowned keyboard distributor, will be available.

Prices start at $349.00 for the Stone&Orange Editions and $679.00 for the Stone&Copper Edition.


The scheduled pre-order date is the same, but the 200 sets are limited, so you’d better hurry if you want one.

In conjunction with the release of the new Sonnet, we are also offering a 15% discount on the previous version of Sonnet that we have been selling.

No special procedure is required, as the 15% discount is automatically applied when you add the product to your cart.

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