No problem for normal use] Reported problems with Corne V4 due to “miniaturization”.


On April 8, 2024, Corne designer @foostan updated his X and announced that he had found a bug that rendered the recently released Corne V4 inoperable when “miniaturized”.

The affected models are both Corne V4 and Corne V4 Chocolate.

In addition, There are no problems with normal use.

Although not officially announced on the official page, Corne has a “cutout” on the edge of the board so that it can be used with a 3×5+3 key layout as well as the normal one-handed 3×6+3 key layout.

From Github

By physically “folding” this area, it can be “miniaturized” for use.

As for Corne, it was possible to “miniaturize” Corne in V1 and V2, but the infeed was eliminated in V3.

From Github

As for those who were considering mini conversion due to its return from V4, it is better to wait for a while now until the board is fixed.

The currently reported problems are as follows

Corne V4に関する不具合報告
  • April 8, 2024|A problem that prevents miniaturization is announced.
  • March 24, 2024|Notification that Choc V2 will not be supported.

They are planning to correct the problem with respect to both cases.

There is no problem for those who purchase and use current sales items or those currently in use.

Kawamura top RKawamura

If you are planning to use the product for normal use, there is no problem in buying one that is currently available at Yousha Kobo.
However, for those who want to use Choc V2 switches or 3×5 layouts, please wait a little longer until the modified version is available.
I can only thank the producer who always reports and corrects the problem as soon as possible.

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