Did you know that Cerakey White has eight different colors of legend to choose from?


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In most cases, the “with legend” version of Cerakey is printed as “white” or “black” depending on the base color, but many people do not know that only “White” actually has multiple colors of legend.

In this issue, we would like to share with you a few tips.

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Legend of Cerakey White, which actually came in eight colors.

That’s right.

In fact, Cerakey has multiple colors of the Legend imprint color only in “White”.

The normal coloring is here.


Black letters on white. This is the so-called “Black on White (BoW)” combination.

However, looking at a single set, only White has multiple color choices.

Let’s take a quick look.

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Black Legend

A ac155172 4333 46ab 83fc 6d4399dee75d 1

Standard black lettering.

This is probably the most stable combination that anyone would feel comfortable with.

Green Legend

White Green

When the letters are green, they look all the more fashionable.

It looks like it would look good on a white bezel keyboard.

indigo legend

White Indigo


This is “fashionable”.

If black has a sturdy image, this one has a slightly more gentlemanly feel.

Many people seem to prefer this to black.

pink legend

White Pink

This also gives a pop and girly impression all at once.

What is this marshmallow-like cuteness…!

Red Legend

White Red

This is another great crisp contrast.

It looks great with the red bezel of the gaming keyboard.

Canal Blue Legend


Canal blue is a bit unfamiliar to me, but it is what is called a turquoise or emerald green color.

This would also match the keyboard in the blue base case.

Water Blue Legend

Wthie WaterBlue

The last one is the “blue” legend.

Many people will like the gentle colors that remind them of the sea.


These are some of the Cerakey Tips we have introduced.

This coloring is actually the same as the other base colors.

Therefore, the alpha key can be a different color to match the color of the legend.

This is going to be delusional!

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cerakey summer sale 2024
Cerake × Greenkeys クーポンコード


→$5.00 off your bill


The total amount of the merchandise purchase must be $50.00 or more

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