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Domikey is a well-known brand that makes high-quality keycaps with very high design quality.

Green Keys has reviewed several Domikey keycaps in the past, but this new one shows an innovative evolution “silk-printed side-legend approach to double-shot keycaps.

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Let’s take a quick look at the products, paying attention to the new “evolution” points.

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Discount Code: ryo10

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Domikey Productity Features

Domikey Productivity is available from KPrepublic.

The base keycap set is available in three different versions: “Official” without side legends, “Graphic” with orange and blue side legends, and “Film” with pink and purple side legends.

The same applies to novelty keys.

  • Price: Base KIT $96.70 / Nov KIT $19.80
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Legend of the Key Cap: Double Shot/Silk Print*.

The silk prints are on the side legends of some of the base kit keys and the main/side legends of the novelty keys.

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Coupon KPrepublic

Discount Code: ryo10

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The three features of Domikey Productivity that I found are as follows

  1. Beautiful side legends with silk printing.
  2. Key caps with stickers can be sealed to make original keys.
  3. Great keystroke sound

Beautiful silk printed side legends

The new technique that Domikey has incorporated this time is the “silk-printed side legend” engraving.

Normally, when printing on PBT keycaps, one of the following methods is often used.

Double Shot

This is a method of expressing the legend (engraving) on the surface of the keycap by using two different colored materials and combining materials that are different from the base material of the keycap.

The use of two-color materials and the complexity of manufacturing methods have the disadvantage that they tend to be more expensive than regular molding, but they also have the great advantage that, unlike printing, printing does not bleed through or disappear.

Dye-Sub (sublimation printing)

This is a method of printing letters by soaking the key tops made of PBT material, which is molded from a single material.

There are some disadvantages, such as blotting if the manufacturing technology is immature, but the advantage is that printing is more difficult to erase than laser or UV printing.

The technique employed in this base is double-shot.

Thus, the letters will not disappear because they are firmly molded.

Note that the colored keycaps set as novelties are silk printed (UV protected) on PBT single shot material.

DSC 9322

What a surprise, this time the side legend is silk printed (UV protected) on the side of the keycap on a double-shot base.

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This is a truly luxurious specification.

DSC 9328

The color I selected is “Film” with purple and pink side legends, while the other color, “Graphic”, has yellow and blue side legends.

Image reference: Kprepublic

The base color of the key caps is gray, almost black.

It looks great with frames of similar colors and silver or white bodies.

Image reference: Kprepublic

It can have such a cool look without side legends or accent keycaps, and with accent keycaps, it can have a duality of use that makes it pop all at once.


Key caps with stickers can be sealed to make original keys.

Although not mentioned on the site, a keycap is also included to seal the two-layer sticker.

DSC 9333

Size-wise, this attached sticker fits perfectly.

Let’s take a look at a magnified version.

Thus, stickers with various icons are included, so you can create your own original keycaps by attaching them to the macro pad or keyboard function keys, where you can change the keymap.

DSC 9351
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Even when used with nothing in it, it looks transparent and stylish.

Great keystroke sound

First, listen to the sound of this keystroke.

Generally speaking, the thicker the material of the keycap, the more bass is emphasized, and the PBT material produces a lower sound than the ABS material.

Domikey’s keycaps are made of thick PBT material, so a keyboard with them will have a very pleasant typing sound.

Can be used with a variety of keyboards


Domikey Productivity can accommodate keyboards with a variety of layouts because the base kit has a very wide range of key variations.

  • 100% layout
  • 96% layout
  • 80% layout
  • 75% layout
  • 65% layout
  • 60% layout
  • Alice Layout
  • Ortholinear layout
  • Column staggered layout
  • Less than 40% small keyboard

*May not match the printing on the keycap. Please check carefully.

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I put it on a Deadline Studio TPS40.

DSC 9347

See Domikey Productivity in action

Summary|If you’re looking for a black (WoB) keycap, you’ve come to the right place.

These are the Domikey Productivity keycaps.

There are so many ways to enjoy a custom keyboard, and one of them is to replace the keycaps.

You can’t go wrong with a black-based keycap.

For a cool look, we recommend the Official base; for a pop look, Film/Graphic is recommended.

Please consider it!

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Please be sure to use the coupon code “ryo10” below when making your purchase!


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Use coupon code below for $5.00 off.
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