Gateron Baby Kangaroo and Baby Raccoon are now available at NuPhy.


In January 2023, NuPhy, a keyboard brand based in Shenzhen, China, updated its official website and began selling new key switches individually.

Most of these products have not been sold individually before, and are likely to gain popularity.

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10 new keyswitches now available at NuPhy

Image reference: NuPhy

The following 10 types of key switches are newly added to our product lineup.

  1. Gateron Low-profile 2.0 Wisteria
  2. Gateron Low-profile 2.0 Daisy
  3. Gateron Low-profile 2.0 Aloe
  4. Gateron Low-profile 2.0 Red
  5. Gateron Low-profile 2.0 Brown
  6. Gateron Low-profile 2.0 Blue
  7. NuPhy Night Breeze
  8. NuPhy Rose Glacier
  9. Gateron Baby Raccoon
  10. Gateron Baby Kangaroo
Kawamura top RKawamura

As for BBK, it was added at some point, so it is unclear as to when it was added.
I’m sorry.

The lineup includes the new Gateron low-profile switches that will be installed in the Air96, which is available for pre-order just a few days ago, as well as NuPhy’s original tactile linear switches Rose Glacier and Night Breeze, and Gateron’s latest key switches BBK and BBR, Gateron’s newest key switches, are also included in the lineup.

Previously available only as a default key switch for the Halo series, it is now available as a stand-alone product, making it easy to retrofit to your keyboard.

For more information on keystroke sounds, please watch this video!

Use coupon codes to save on your keyswitch purchase!

The unit price per purchase of keyswitches is almost the same at all sites.

However, as with NuPhy, a larger number of lots sold may result in a slightly lower price per unit.

For example, a BBK is $66.0/110 pieces, which is normally $0.61/piece, but is selling for $0.6.

In addition, please take advantage of our exclusive coupon code for 10% off.

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As for NuPhy original key switches, they are made with BBK/BBR quite in mind, and we rate them as very cost-effective key switches.

Kawamura top RKawamura

My favorite keyswitch is the NuPhy original “Night Breeze”. I can’t get enough of that smoothness at this price. Of course, I took advantage of the single sales and bought it.

Please consider this one as well!

Sales in Japan

As of April 2023, BBKs will be available for purchase in Japan at Youja Kobo.

However, as for BBRs sold on Amazon, they are quite expensive and we do not recommend purchasing them here.

Incidentally, the price is 110 yen/piece at Yuja Kobo, but 78 yen/piece at the rate of $=¥130 when purchased from the official NuPhy.

Plus, you can save even more with a GreenKeys coupon code.

Even after taking into account shipping costs, it is probably more economical to purchase imported products.

Please consider this.

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Happy 10% OFF Coupon : [ ryo10 ].



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