Gateron Baby Kangaroo Switches Review! A Look at the New Tactile Switches

Gateron, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical keyboard switches, has introduced the Baby Kangaroo Switch.

Recently, Gateron has been developing new products one after another, including the release of the pre-lubricated “G Pro V2” model.

We feel that Baby Kangaroo Switch is one of those products that will be a very critical hit.

At the time of its release, the product was only available from the official NuPhy website, but in January 2023, it began to be sold individually on theofficial Gateron website and the official NuPhy website.

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This article will review the Baby Kangaroo Switch based on the author’s actual experience with it.

If you’re looking for a good-tempered tactile switch, be sure to see this one through to the end!

Kawamura top R

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Ryosuke Kawamura

He launched his own media as a site operator and web writer, and now plans and manages multiple corporate media. He often types heavily in his work, and in his search for greater efficiency, he became addicted to the keyboard swamp and established “GreenKeys”.

Gateron Baby Kangaro Switches
Gateron BBK 4
( 4.5 )
  • タクタイル感が非常に強い
  • 打鍵音が素晴らしい
  • 潤滑済で動作非常にスムーズ
  • やや値段が高い
  • 日本国内での販売がない

What is Gateron Baby Kangaroo Switches?

Baby Kangaroo Switches are normal profile mechanical keyboard switches developed by Gateron.

Compared to conventional keyswitches, it is characterized by a very strong tactile feel, with an addictive clicky feel.

Baby Kangaroo Switches Specifications

gateron baby kangaroo tactile switch force travel diagram 1658549775725
Citation: Keychron
Operation Force59±8 gf
Pre-Travel2.0±0.5 mm
Total Travel3.4 mm Max.
Sound LevelMedium
Operation LifeUp to 60M cycles
Suitable ForGaming/ Office
Hand feelingCrisp bump, tactile feeling ahead
Citation: Keychron

Thus, the total travel = stroke width is 3.4 mm, which is a shorter stroke than a normal mechanical key switch, similar to the Speed Silver axis, which is famous for its high-speed typing capability.

In addition, the most significant feature of the Baby Kangaroo switch is probably the rapid “shedding” of resistance after the pressure point is reached.

After pushing in about 0.5 mm, there is a sudden weight peak touch, and from there, pushing in another 1.0 mm or so, there is a “sconce” feeling as if it is going to come off.

The difference between the peak and the outgoing push of only “0.5mm” is a whopping 20gf.

This exquisite sense of omission provides strong tactile feedback.

Kawamura top R河村

The firm keystroke feel is addictive!

Baby Kangaroo Switch Materials

construction 1659063558167
Citation: Keychron
gateron baby kangaroo tactile switch 1658550003388
Citation: Keychron
Product NameGateron Baby Kangaroo Tactile Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
HousingPC material (Cover), PA66 material (Base)
Spring22 mm double-stage gold-plated
Pins.5-Pin switch
LubricationLubed version
SMD LED supportYes
Citation: Keychron

These days, the switch is pre-lubricated in the factory, a fashionable practice.

Generally, when a tactile switch is lubricated, the tactile feel is lost, but it retains a firm crisp feel in smooth operation.

Comparison with other tactile switches

Let’s compare Baby Kangaroo with other tactile switches.

Baby KangarooG Pro 2.0 Brown
Operation Force59±8 gf55±15 gf
Pre-Travel2.0±0.5 mm2.0±0.6 mm
Total Travel3.4 mm Max.4.0 mm Max.
Sound LevelMediumMedium
Operation LifeUp to 60M cyclesUp to 50M cycles
Suitable ForGaming/ OfficeGaming/ Office

As we reported earlier, the main feature of the Baby Kangaro switch is the intense tactile sensation caused by the rapidity of the pressure point and the sudden sense of weakness.

Kawamura top R河村

The feel was similar to Gateron zealios v2.

Compare with the “Gateron G pro2.0 Brown” which is commonly employed.

The pressure point of the Gateron G pro2.0 Brown reaches its peak at about 1.2mm after being pushed in, and then decays by about 20gf up to 1.7mm.

Compared to the Baby Kangaro curve, the mild finish, from the rise of resistance to the breakout, does not give such a great tactile sensation.

Comparison of keystroke sound with Rose Glacier

Compare with “Rose Glacier” which has very similar properties to BBK.

Compared to BBK, Rose Glacier has a stronger tactile feel.

Pressing pressure is also slightly higher on Rose Glacier, but Rose Glacier is more fatiguing when typing for longer periods of time than the numbers indicate.

Personally, I rated BBK as the easier key switch to use.

Gateron × NuPhy KeySwiches

Switch TypeOperating ForceTotal TravelKeystroke
Night BreezeLinier42±5gf3.3±0.3mmsoft low tone
Rose GlacierTactile60±5gf3.3±0.3mmsoft low tone
Gateron Baby RaccoonLinier55±8gf3.6±0.2mmsoprano
Gateron Baby KangarooTactile59.8±8gf3.4mmMaxsoprano

Baby Kangaroo switch keystroke sound

The following video was taken by the author.

Keyboard tested with Gateron Baby Kangaroo attached

  • Keychron K6 Pro
  • Keychron K6
  • NuPhy Halo65

Keychron K6 Pro

The new sound-absorbing foam, silicone pad, and plate give it a tight sound feel without spreading out.

The newly updated aluminum frame from the K6Pro also does a nice job.

Keychron K6

Perhaps due to the absence of conventional sound-absorbing materials, the sound is somewhat reverberant.

The high pitched clacking sound is quite noisy, and may be to different tastes.

NuPhy Halo Series (Halo65)

Structurally, it is similar to the K6Pro, but has a very tight sound like the Keychron Q series.

Personally, this is my favorite sound sensation. This is amazing with this structure…!

Where to Buy Gateron Baby Kangaroo Switches

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no distributors in Japan seem to carry the product.

Individuals can purchase the product directly from an international mail-order site.

Baby Kangaroo Online store where you can buy Baby Kangaroo switches

Although the product was noticeably out of stock when it was first released, it is now rarely out of stock.

The unit price is $0.61 per switch, but for NuPhy, which has a lot size of 110 units, the unit price is $0.6 per unit.

If you are from NuPhy, you can use our partnership with Coupon code “ryo10” to receive a 10% discount on your purchase.


The above is an introduction to the Garteron Baby Kangaroo switch.

I have used many tactile switches in my life, but I have never encountered a switch that felt so good to type on…!

It is a keyboard feel that makes you want to type all the time.

I hope you’ll give it a try!

See also the NuPhy Halo65 / Halo75 / Halo96 keyboards with Baby Kangaroo as standard!



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