GB of PARE65 starts at KPrepublic|Super-heavy mechanical keyboard weighing 1.6 kg


In October 2023, KPrepublic updated its official sales website to announce the launch of the PARE65 group buy.

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It is likely to be popular due to its super-heavy body weighing 1.6 kg and beautiful case molding.

The application period for GB is only about 2 weeks.

The deadline is October 31.

Note: The GB closing date has been changed to November 4 (Japan time).

Use coupon code: GreenTechPare65 for $5.00 off.

PARE65 Specifications

  • Price: $311.00 (full kit – with knobs)/$303.00 (full kit – without knobs)/$249.00 (barebone kit – with knobs)/$242.00 (barebone kit – without knobs)
  • Case color: yellow/white/black/gray/top case yellow, bottom case white/top case white, bottom case yellow
  • Payment method: PayPal only (credit card can be selected but will be cancelled)
  • GB period: ~November 4, 2023 (Japan time)
  • Arrival date: Scheduled for December 2023
  • Manufacturer: HEAVY SHELL STUDIO
  • Sold by: KPrepublic
  • Weight: approx. 1.6KG
  • Keymap change: Supports VIA
  • Case material: Aluminum alloy case
  • PCB: Hot-swappable / South facing switch LED
  • Plate material: FR4 plate
  • Wireless connection: supported (3500mAh battery)
  • Wired connection: USB Typs-C
  • Tilt angle: approx. 8.5 degrees
  • Array: 65% Layout
  • Note: The top case is for aesthetic purposes only.

Available Colors

Kit Details

  • Full kit includes: pre-assembled, ready to use with TTC HEX switch and Domikey keycap (triple shot ABS, CHERRY profile) installed
  • Barebone kit contents: Keycaps and key switches are not included and must be facilitated by yourself. Also, keyboard must be assembled by yourself.

*For barebone kits, soldering is not required, so the assembly difficulty level is quite low.

TTC HEX switch

  • POM Housing
  • POK Stem
  • Actuation force 50gf
  • Bottom force 56.5gf
  • 2-stage grod plating spring
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Three features of HEAVY SHELL PARE65

PARE65 is a 65% layout mechanical keyboard designed by “HEAVY SHELL”.

The main features would be the super-heavy weight, made of CNC aluminum alloy, and the beauty of the shape.

Here is a brief introduction.

Super heavyweight body for stable keystroke feel

PARE65 weighs a whopping 1.6 kg.

In addition to the stable keystroke feel, users can expect a more “thocky” keystroke sound thanks to the three-layered sound-absorbing mechanism.

pare65 en scaled

Beautifully shaped body

Look at the shape of this body.

Frankly, I have never seen such a beautiful aluminum body shape before.

It would satisfy my desire for ownership.

Removable top cover


The top cover of PARE65 is removable.

In addition to the advantage of easy access to the PCB, it will be possible to change the keyboard body according to one’s mood when the top case is sold separately, although this has not been announced at this time.


This is a brief introduction to the new PARE65.

In addition to the 65% layout, which is very major worldwide, this is a beautiful piece of modeling.

We expect this keyboard to be popular without a doubt.

We hope you will check it out too!



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