• GB starts in October 2023
  • Ends November 4, 2023.
  • Arrival date is December 2023.
  • Price: $303.00
  • Weight 1.6kg
  • Removable top case
  • Beautifully shaped aluminum bottom case
  • The structure is a sandwich between the mid-cover and bottom case.
  • FR4 plate material is used.
  • 65% layout
  • Supports wired/wireless connection (wireless function is not available in Japan due to lack of technical qualification at the time of release)
  • Possible to change the actuation point
  • CNC aluminum body
  • Three-layered sound absorption mechanism
  • VIA compliant
  • Hot-swappable

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Information reference: https: //kprepublic.com/products/gb-heavy-shell-pare65-mechanical-keyboard-kit-bluetooth?variant=43532718866595

このキーボードのキー配列・サイズは【】【 】です。



PARE65 Specifications

  • Price: $311.00 (full kit – with knobs)/$303.00 (full kit – without knobs)/$249.00 (barebone kit – with knobs)/$242.00 (barebone kit – without knobs)
  • Case color: yellow/white/black/gray/top case yellow, bottom case white/top case white, bottom case yellow
  • Payment method: PayPal only (credit card can be selected but will be cancelled)
  • GB period: ~November 4, 2023
  • Manufacturer: HEAVY SHELL STUDIO
  • Sold by: KPrepublic
  • Weight: approx. 1.6KG
  • Keymap change: Supports VIA
  • Case material: Aluminum alloy case
  • PCB: Hot-swappable / South facing switch LED
  • Plate material: FR4 plate
  • Wireless connection: supported (3500mAh battery)
  • Wired connection: USB Typs-C
  • Tilt angle: approx. 8.5 degrees
  • Array: 65% Layout

Available Colors

Kit Details

  • Full kit includes: pre-assembled, ready to use with TTC HEX switch and Domikey keycap installed
  • Barebone kit contents: Keycaps and key switches are not included and must be facilitated by yourself. Also, keyboard must be assembled by yourself.

*For barebone kits, soldering is not required, so the assembly difficulty level is quite low.



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