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  • Normal profile mechanical keyboard with 70% layout, available June 21, 2023.
  • The most significant change from the existing K14 is that the keymap can now be changed
  • Other features include double-shot PBT material on keycaps and OSA profile
  • Prices are $99.00 for the white backlit model, $109.00 for the RGB backlit model, and $119.00 for the model with the RGB backlit aluminum frame.
  • All are hot-swappable

このキーボードのキー配列・サイズは【】【 】です。



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Number of Keys72 (70%)
Switches (Not including Barebone Version)Keychron K Pro Mechanical
Switch FaceSouth-facing
StabilizersPCB-mounted screw-in stabilizers
Number of Multimedia Keys12
Frame MaterialABS / ABS+Aluminum frame
Plate MaterialSteel
Keycap Material (excluding Barebone Version)Double-shot PBT (backlight
Keycap ProfileOSA (OEM profile with spherical-angle)
Polling Rate (Wired Mode)1000Hz
Polling Rate (Wireless Mode)90Hz
N-Key Rollover (NKRO)Yes for both wireless and wired modes
Backlit22 types of RGB backlight options plus endless possibilities
Battery4000 mAh rechargeable li-polymer battery
BT Working Time (Backlit off)Up to 300 hours (Lab test results may vary)
BT Working Time (RGB)Up to 100 hours (Lowest brightness)
ConnectionBluetooth and Type-C cable
Bluetooth version5.1
Bluetooth Device NameKeychron K14 Pro
Compatible SystemmacOS/Windows/Linux
Dimension (Plastic frame version)331.1 x 102.45 mm (13.03 x 4.03″)
Weight835 g / 1.84 lbs
Dimension (Aluminum frame version)336.1 x 107.5 mm (13.23 x 4.23″)
Weight978 g / 2.15 lbs
Height without keycap (front)25.09 mm (0.98″)
Height without keycap (rear)29.65 mm (1.16″)
Height incl. keycap (front)33.87 mm (1.33″)
Height incl. keycap (rear)39.55 mm (1.55″)
Typing Angle3.5º, 8º and 12º
MCUUltra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 (128KB Flash)
Operating Environment-10 to 50°C

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Selectable axis types

*Only red-axis and brown-axis are available for selection.

Keychron K Pro mechanical switches

Red SwitchesBlue SwitchesBrown SwitchesBanana
pressing pressure45±10gf60±10gf50±10gf57±8gf
Movement to operation2±0.4mm2±0.4mm2±0.4mm2.2±0.4mm
reactionlinearclickytactileearly bump


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