MX KEYS mini for Mac KX700MPG JIS (Japanese layout)

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  • Array similar to Apple Magic Keyboard (JIS)
  • If you don’t care about fingerprint authentication, I personally have the impression that this is easier to use.

このキーボードのキー配列・サイズは【】【 】です。




Body size

  • MX Keys Mini (for Mac) Keyboard
  • Height: 131.95mm
  • Width: 295.99mm
  • Depth: 20.97mm
  • Height: 506.4g

Technical Specifications

  • Minimalist Wireless Illuminated Keyboard (Japanese layout)
  • Connect via Bluetooth Low Energy technology
  • Easy-switch key to connect up to three devices and easily switch between them
  • 10-meter wireless coverage 5Wireless coverage may vary depending on the operating environment and PC setup.
  • Backlight turned on by proximity sensor that detects hands
  • Ambient light sensor to adjust backlight brightness
  • USB-C rechargeable. Up to 10 days of use after full charge or 5 months with backlight off 6Battery life may vary depending on usage conditions.
  • ON/OFF power switch
  • Caps Lock and battery indicator light
  • Compatible with Logitech Flow-enabled mice


  • FileVault is an encryption system available on some Mac computers. Enabling it may prevent Bluetooth devices from connecting to your computer if you are not already logged in; it is recommended that you purchase a compatible Logi Bolt USB receiver if you wish to enable FileVault.

Warranty Information

  • 2-year free warranty

model number

  • KX700MPG

system requirement

  • Internet connection (for software download)
  • Logi Options+ software on macOS/Windows
  • Bluetooth Low Energy enabled devices that support keyboards
  • Bluetooth
  • Required: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • macOS 10.15 or later
  • iOS 13.4 or later 7 device basic functionality works without software on iOS and iPadOS
  • iPadOS 14 or later 8 Basic device functionality works without software on iOS and iPadOS


  • Compatible with Logi Bolt USB receiver (sold separately)
  • Logi Bolt wireless products cannot be paired with other Logitech USB receivers

included thing

  • Keyboard with key layout for Mac
  • USB-C charging cable (USB-C to USB-C)
  • Instruction Manual, Warranty Policy

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Logitech MX Keys Mini Keystroke Sound



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