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  • Price: $639.20 -> currently sold out
  • Mechanical keyboards released by deskeys.
  • The gray-based color scheme, coupled with the aluminum body, looks pretty cool.
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このキーボードのキー配列・サイズは【】【 】です。




At 2018 very beginning of deskeys history we prototyped an aluminium case called 661, but there are too many limitations from og design and EC parts shortage . So we suspend it and focus on EC parts which developed for so long. Finally we are here to release our first keyboard kit.

It is designed to be clean looking, reliable, easy using and no fatigue long time typing . A compact tool on your desk without much of desk space and keep standby NEVEREST.


Classic and elegant appearance: Integrated very popular layout at the front and all ARC design at the back. Very clean and compact design without any screw holes be seen all around and the thinnest bezel in EC kbs ever.
Super compact structure: Just assembled from three main parts : The plate integrated unibody top case, all functions in single Vial supported PCB and name plate embedded bottom case. Assembling so easily and simply.
Unique typing experience: Thanks to deskeys originally designed fully CNC plate integrated unibody top case & bottom case , all empty space inside the keyboard is filled with metal, gives special solid stable thock typing experience. It is high costly manufactured , it is worth.
More layout choices : We have 3 different layouts for NEVEREST series on schedule: 60, 65 and 19. and 2 more layouts under development. All layouts are USB-C port support. and NEVEREST 19 has two IN&OUT switchable ports for series connecting with other keyboards. NEVEREST 65 layout shown in picture is just a prototype , and welcome to discuss the final 65 layout in deskeys discord channel. We will also release the rest 2 layouts in there once ready.
Vial key mapping : Now we have any key for any function in EC kbs finally . All of NEVEREST series support Vial key mapping software. Download and open Vial directly then you can see the page shown in Vial MAPPING picture in this link.
Friendly to OG EC parts : Support OG RF HHKB even Hipro EC parts. and layout keycaps can be found from OG layouts .
Options Specifications

Layout : Main body for chosen layout. Including top&bottom cases, PCB, Gaskets and Screws etc. More details see MAIN BODY picture in this link .
Material&Color : e.g. AL Silver = Aluminium anodized silver.
DES EC parts kit : It is a special offer of an easier and more eco way to get all extra parts needed for assembling NEVEREST keyboards, It is a special offer of an easier and more eco way to get all the extra parts needed for assembling NEVEREST keyboards. More BOM details see EC PARTS KIT pictures in this link. Please note DES sliders only support MX keycaps and no keycaps included in this kit. (Please note DES sliders only support MX keycaps and no keycaps included in this kit.)
0 = Main body only. No EC parts.

68 =Main body & Enough EC parts for 60&65 layouts 19 = Main body & Enough EC parts for 19 layout Assembly = Chosen layout Main body & EC parts lubed and assembled

Purchase guide

Free to choose layout, material and color once it is available in stock.
Choose “0” EC parts option if you are familiar with assembling EC keyboards and have enough EC parts like OG topre or des etc.
Choose “layout quantity” EC parts option if you can or want to assemble EC keyboards by yourself but have no or not enough OG topre or des ec parts on hand . (Note : Proper lube is must needed for EC kb )
Choose “Assembly” option if you just want to experience an end game EC keyboard directly without learning anything. (Note : Get a MX keycaps set from market)

Shipping Options

Express shipping will be shipped by FedEx, TNT, EMS etc. Timing may be effected by the virus situation locally. But still efficient and reliable. Highly recommended.

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