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  • GB ends on February 21, 2024.
  • No official vendor in Japan
  • Purchase from the original WuqueStudio is recommended due to lower shipping costs to Japan.
  • Innovative 68% layout mechanical keyboard with separate arrow keys, touchscreen knob, and macro keys/slider on left side
  • The knob is not only a volume control button, but also has its own functions (date, display of favorite pixel image, clock, power, note, message notification, countdown timer) and can be customized through the application
  • Macro keys on the left side can be changed to sliders
  • Top and bottom aluminum case, multiple layers of sound absorbing material suppress impact of keystrokes
  • Adoption of “non-load-bearing gasket structure,” a feature similar to a combination of spring mount and gasket mount
  • Spring absorbs typing pressure → Silicon gasket dampens
  • Three types of springs are included
  • Plate type can be changed between alpha key and other keys (default: aluminum outer + PC inner)
  • Supports split BS, split space bar, split L-shift/R-shift, ISO Enter (wired models only) and a very wide variety of multi-layouts
  • Exclusive attache case included.
  • Price: Freya Ultra $388.99-$439.99 Freya $319.99-369.99
  • Only Ultra comes with slider/macro keys on the left side. Standard models do not come with a slider/macro key.
  • Click here to purchase ▷▷▷.

このキーボードのキー配列・サイズは【】【 】です。





  • Freya Ultra: $389.99 – $439.99
  • Freya: $319.99 – $369.99
  • Collaboration Edition: $479.99 – $489.99


  • Freya Ultra : 68% + 5 interchangeable macros (side sliders)
  • Freya: 68%.

Types of Printed Circuit Boards

  • Tri-mode flex cut: 1.2 mm, hot-swap, ANSI layout, supports touchscreen knob and slider modules
  • Tri-mode non-flex cut: 1.6 mm, hot-swap, ANSI layout, supports touchscreen knob modules and slider modules
  • Wired non-flex cut: 1.6 mm, soldered, supports ISO and ANSI layouts, touchscreen knob modules and slider modules not supported

Bluetooth (variety of short-range wireless LAN)

  • Supports Bluetooth 5.3 (3 simultaneous connections)

Typing angle

  • 6.5°.

key mapping

  • VIA Support


The bezel is the same color as the case and the dial frame is gold by default.

  • E White
  • Tiffany Blue
  • Burgundy
  • deep purple
  • cream
  • champagne gold
  • pineapple
  • gunmetal gray
  • black
  • ice blue

RGB Lighting

  • Tri-mode only supported. Wired writing not supported.


  • WS Stub V3.1

screen lens

  • 33.75 x 33.22 mm

LCD screen size

  • 30.23mm

LCD resolution

  • 390 x 390 pixels

Information reference: https: //shop.wuquestudio.com/pages/freya

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