Keychron’s low-profile keycaps are now available in “Developer” format|May not be compatible with existing series, however.


On June 8, 2023, Keychron updated its official Twitter page to announce the addition of “Developer” to its new low-profile mechanical keyboard replacement keycaps.

In addition to this, Hacker also has a lineup.

Low Profile Dye Sub PBT LSA Full Set Keycap Set

Supported keyboards are as follows

  • K1 Pro
  • K3 Pro
  • K5 Pro
  • K7 Pro
  • K9 Pro
  • K13 Pro
  • S1

An important note is that it is not compatible with the existing series of odd-numbered editions that do not bear the Pro designation.

*No confirmation yet.

Although details are not given, the likely cause is that the space bar stabilizers have been repositioned.

On earlier K7/K3 and other keyboards, the space bar stabilizer position was different from that of common low-profile mechanical keyboards such as NuPhy, and was only compatible with dedicated keycaps.

This is thought to be corrected by the Pro Series LOFILE mechanical mechanical keyboard.

Therefore, this keycap would probably be compatible with NuPhy.

To purchase, please visit the official website.

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