Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps Review


After using a keyboard to some extent, I suddenly find myself wondering, “Is there really such a thing as a legend?” is a question that comes to my mind at a moment when I am using a keyboard to some extent.

Yes, in fact, if you have mastered touch typing, you will notice that you rarely look at your hand when you are typing.

In other words, since the keycap design is only “ornamental,” there is no need for actual keycap printing.

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Well…I have a feeling that only a very few perverts reach this state of mind.

This is where you would look for “unmarked keycaps”.

This article introduces the Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps, the perfect introduction to unmarked keycaps.

You will love these keycaps because they are very inexpensive and high quality.

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Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps
DSC 9278
( 4.5 )
  • カラーが非常に多彩
  • 価格が非常に安価
  • クラッキーな打鍵音がクセになる
  • Thockyな打鍵音は期待できない
  • 購入先が海外サイトから
  • 仕分けが大変


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Discount Code: ryo10

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Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps Review

This time I bought the standard black.

It arrives in a simple package like this.

DSC 9262

There is no key tray, and the keycap is roughly in the bag.

DSC 9264

Note: According to information from Keyreative, the packaging has been changed from simple packaging to packaging with a tray.

The surface is slightly matte with a grainy pattern.

This was a good impression for typing because it was not slippery.

There is no particular color irregularity.

Of course, there were no burrs.

There were no problems with stem conformity, and the stems were found to be molded with a high degree of precision.

DSC 9278 2

The profile is general Cherry.

DSC 9283

The coloring is not at all modest when compared to the PBT double-shot WoB.

DSC 9286

Of course, there are keycaps with homing.

When I installed it, it felt quite right.

DSC 9290

Comparing the sound of keystrokes with keycaps made of PBT material, the sound is still crackly, which is typical of ABS.

This area is a matter of taste, depending on whether you prefer a “kotokoto” sound with an emphasis on bass notes or a light “kata-kata” sound with an emphasis on treble notes.

Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps Attraction

Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycapsの魅力
  1. Extremely versatile in color
  2. Very inexpensive price
  3. Clucky keystroke sound is addictive.

Extremely versatile in color

Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps 1

First of all, Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps are available in a wide variety of colors.

You can choose your favorite color from a whopping 25 different colors.

Color Lineup

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Yellow
  4. green
  5. Olive Green
  6. Orange
  7. Mazenta.
  8. Light Green
  9. Cyan
  10. Blue
  11. Grey Blue
  12. Pink.
  13. Red
  14. Crimson
  15. Grey.
  16. Light Grey
  17. Classic Grey
  18. Classic Light Grey
  19. Dark Grey
  20. Cream
  21. Purple
  22. Brown
  23. Light Blue
  24. Light Purple
  25. Lime Green
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When you see the lineup of five colors in gray alone, it is so complete that you may want to tsk tsk, “How much do you like gray?

The actual black color keycap is this color.

DSC 9278 1

Very inexpensive price

Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps are also attractively priced.

Keycaps are generally priced at $50.00 or more, but Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps are available in a base kit for only $21.00.

The keycaps are in accordance with a typical 104-key keyboard, so it can be used with a wide range of keyboards.

Image reference: Yusha Kobo

Also, the add-on kit is available for $4.99, which is also very inexpensive.

Clucky keystroke sound is addictive.

After all, when we think of ABS keycaps, we are attracted to this clickety-clacky sound of keystrokes.


The slightly thinner thickness of 1.25 mm will also allow you to enjoy a crackier typing sound.

Things to consider before purchasing Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps

  1. Thocky typing feel is not expected.
  2. Purchase from overseas sites
  3. Difficult to sort

Thocky typing feel is not expected.

Recently, due to the popularity of PBT keycaps, there seems to be a growing demand for a low “thumping” bass sound in keycaps.

On the other hand, this ABS keycap is fully oriented in the “click” direction, and therefore, no clicky sound can be expected at all.

If you prefer the Kotokoto sound, thick-walled PBT keycaps are a better choice.

Purchase from overseas sites

With the exception of a few colors, any of the 25 colors can only be purchased from Keyreative, the distributor.

Naturally, since this is an overseas site, it is written in English.

In addition to the fact that the majority of customers are inexperienced in overseas mail-order shopping, the Japanese tend to be resistant to English-language websites, making the purchase hurdle a bit high.

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…and I’ve written this much, but perhaps you all just don’t like to eat.
The purchase procedure is exactly the same for both domestic and international sites.
Please refer to the following.
As such, I have dealt directly with all of the businesses listed on Green Keys, and there are no dubious businesses.

  • Many of the sites listed on this site are outside of Japan, and all of them are in English.
  • If you are unfamiliar with overseas shopping, you may have some resistance to English-language sites, but rest assured that all of the operators are reliable and directly affiliated with our business.
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We have business transactions in English with our counterparts and have a business alliance with GreenEchoes Studio, the operating entity of GreenKeys.

  • If you are not sure in English, use your browser’s Japanese translation function.
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  • Here is a website that converts Japanese addresses to English addresses ▷▷.
  • Coupon codes can be entered on the cart screen.

Difficult to sort when broken into pieces.

According to information from Keyreative, the packaging has changed from simple packaging to packaging with a tray.

DSC 9282

Since they are unmarked keycaps, they cannot be identified by letter, making it very difficult to sort them if they are broken apart.

It is a bit of a discipline to have to work like this, just lining up keycaps of the same height.


And it is quite difficult to visually distinguish between R2 and R3…lol


This is a review of the Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps.

As for unmarked keycaps, they can also be purchased inexpensively at various places such as Amazon and Ali Express.

However, quality was often problematic, often with noticeable uneven coloring, burrs, and inadequate stem fittings.

In this respect, Keyreative ABS Cherry Profile Blank Keycaps have no problems at all regarding quality.

Kawamura top RKawamura

I have been in frequent communication with Mr. Zhao, CEO of Keyreative, and he seems like a really solid company.

Due to the very low price of the product, you cannot use our coupon code, but the combined shipping cost to Japan of $10.00 is only $31.00.

Buying multiple sets is more economical as far as shipping is concerned, so you can buy a lot of different colors.

If you have been looking for an unmarked keycap, please give it a try.

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