Logitech releases a new fourth color of POP KEYS, “Glaze”.


Logitech has updated its official website to reveal that the existing POP KEYS model will be available in new colors.

The launch date will be January 26, 2023, and the new color will be “glaze”.

Until then, POP KEYS was considered to have used “pop” as its main product concept, and its circular key tops and eccentric coloring made it very “pop”.

However, turning it around is tantamount to exposing the fact that it cannot be used for business use.

In Japan, this trend is particularly strong, and the introduction of new colors this time is thought to have been made with the latecomer MX MECHANICAL MINI and other hot-selling lines in mind.

On the same day, the K580, which is thin, quiet, and compatible with a variety of operating systems, will also be released.

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ロジクールPOP KEYSに新色「グレージュ」はかなりシャープな印象


POP KEYS has been available in some rather bizarre color schemes.

When laid out like this, it is easy to see how the coloring was designed to pop.

The “glaze” leased this time around can be said to be a coloring intended for business use rather than pop.

A hidden gem, POPKEYS hopes to be a touchstone for citizenship in the keyboard market

This is completely a personal guess, but POPKEYS may not be as popular as MX MECHANICAL Mini orMX Keys Mini.

Especially in Japan, it is unlikely that anyone uses this keyboard for business use.

So much so that it ‘Coloring that makes a strong statement at your desk and makes it hard to blend in.’ The coloring of the desk is so strong that it is difficult to blend in.

The glaze color released this time has a retro nuance, and could be called HHKB-like, a “trendy” color.

HHKB Shro 3

I think the gap between retro coloring and this pop in appearance will be a trend.

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Actually, POP KEYS is quite high-spec.

Features of POP KEYS

  • Battery-powered for an ultra-long life of 36 months
  • LogiBolt enables robust wireless connectivity
  • Up to 3 devices can be switched
  • One row of keys on the right side can be customized as macro switches
  • Actually uses tactile key switches made by TTC

In particular, it is supremely excellent as a mechanical keyswitch, and is made by TTC, a world-renowned keyswitch manufacturer that is also used in K855.

The type of keyswitch is not specified, but the feeling of typing is exactly like tactile.

This key switch has a slight resistance when pushed in, and the “I pushed” feeling is often felt.

The sound is not the “clicking” sound of a gaming keyboard, but rather a pleasant “thumping” sound that will not bother you too much if you use it in the office.

Kawamura top RKawamura

It should be noted, however, that they are louder than regular membrane or pantograph keyboards.

However, the flat keycaps have a narrow “keytop equivalent” margin to the adjacent key switches, so those who normally use normal-profile mechanical keyboards may experience a slight increase in typos.

If you normally use a keyboard with flat keytops, you hardly need to worry about it.

At any rate, in a world where mechanical keyboards are becoming more readily available, we sincerely hope that POPKEYS will be a stepping stone to increase the population of mechanical keyboards!

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