MelGeek Pixel is now crowdfunding|A keyboard that can be arranged with blocks.


On April 7, 2023, MelGeek released the Pixel, an 80% tenkeyless size mechanical keyboard on the crowdfunding site CAMPFIRE.

The project originator is the “MelGeek Team,” which appears to be the original MelGeek in Shenzhen, China.

Regarding shipping, it is stated that since the shipment is through an import agent, it does not fall under an import transaction and no customs duties, etc. will be incurred.

The application period is open until May 25, 2023, with shipping scheduled for August 2023.

The target amount is 150,000 yen, and the support amount after taking into account the early bird discount, etc., is as follows

Name of supportAmount (tax included)Number of applicantsShipping Schedule
Super Early Bird Discount (19% off)30,057 yen100 personsAugust 2023
Early bird discount (11% off)33,025 yen500 personsAugust 2023
Early bird discount (4% off)35,623 yenNone statedAugust 2023
(Reference) Full price37,107 yen
(Reference) Official website price$299.00
(Approx. 39,000 yen)
Converted to $=132 yen

As for MelGeek, it was “talked about” in a sense with the crowdfunding of Mojo68.

This time, because the product is sold by an official, the selling price is also considerably lower than that on the official website.


Image reference:

As for what kind of keyboard it is, the video gives a better idea.

In addition, two types of key switches that were used exclusively for the Pixel series are now available separately on the official online store of the head office recently.

This keyboard is probably recommended for those who want to add a pop of color to their desk.

To purchase, please visit our crowdfunding site.

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Discount Code: ryo10

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