TALPKEYBOARD holds sale for over 6,000 followers


On April 6, 2023, TALP KEYBOARD, a keyboard and keyboard parts specialty store located in Kyoto-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, announced on Twitter the start of its [Twitter Follower 6000 Commemoration Sale].

The sale has already started and will end on April 9, 2023 at 23:59.

During the sale, key switches and other items can be purchased at up to 50% off, and shipping is free when you enter the coupon code below when making a purchase of 500 yen or more including tax.

Image reference: https://talpkeyboard.net/sale

The number of uses is unlimited.

Free Shipping Coupon Code: TALP6000

Click here for the sale page

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Representative of GreenEchoes Studio

Ryosuke Kawamura

He launched his own media as a site operator and web writer, and now plans and manages multiple corporate media. He often types heavily in his work, and in his search for greater efficiency, he became addicted to the keyboard swamp and established “GreenKeys”.

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WEBサイト運営事業GreenEchoes Studio代表をしています。他社法人メディアの運営ほかキーボードメディアや通信系メディアへの寄稿を行うなど、ウェブライターとしても活動しています。今年はオリジナルキーキャップセットを作る予定。