MM Keyboard introduces keyboards with HHKB layout and 80% TKL layout with capacitive non-contact system


MM Keyboard, based in the U.S., launched two new keyboards in GB in November 2023.

The first is the MM-HHKB, which uses the HHKB layout.

mm hhkb 303179

As you can see, it is an HHKB layout, and you can choose the body material, weight, and plate to purchase.

The main feature of the PCB base is that in addition to the usual Cherry MX compatible ones, you can also choose those that support capacitive non-contact keyswitches.

Prices start at $235.00 and the GB end date is December 11, 2023.

Click here to purchase ▷▷▷.

The second is Class80 R2, which uses an 80% TKL layout with an attractive retro look.

class80 r2 keyboard kit 813793 1

Only 200 sets are available in limited quantities, starting at $355.00- for the A-stock mechanical-switched PCB and $450.00 for the capacitive non-contact system.

No GB period has been set, but it will probably end as soon as the first 200 kits are received.

A buzzer and sonoread are included to provide a unique auditory experience associated with typing.

Click here to purchase ▷▷▷.

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