Mode Designs SixtyFive is now available for pre-order|What are its three main features?


On April 18, 2024, at 3:00 a.m., preorders finally opened for Mode Designs’ new “SixtyFive.

The limited coupon code is expected to be available until 3:00 a.m. Japan time on April 19.

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Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

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Three features of Mode SixtyFive


In fact, the first SIxtyFive was released in 2021.

Even at the time, its sophisticated design was very much talked about, and I think it played a sufficient role in spreading the word about Mode Designs’ technical prowess.

Three years have passed since then, and the 2024 version of SixtyFive has been re-released with the full mobilization of technology and experience.

Let us briefly introduce its major features.

Magnetically attached snap-on configuration

MagneticAccentSwap optimize

SixtyFive is constructed so that most parts are attached by magnets rather than screws.

This allows for easy assembly, and with replacement parts available, the keyboard can be easily customized depending on the mood of the day.

Selectable bottom weights


As for the thought that the keyboard itself must have some weight to achieve stable typing, I agree.

SixtyFive can be equipped with interchangeable bottom weight badges in a variety of colorings.

As for materials, in addition to the usual choice of aluminum alloys, larger mass copper and brass materials can also be selected.

Evolved block mounting system


This is without a doubt the most significant feature of this year’s event.

The block mounting system introduced with the Envoy is based on the idea of floating the board and adjusting the keystroke feedback, similar to a gasket mount.

Based on our experience, SixtyFive has been designed to allow users to enjoy five different keystroke sensations.

By changing the five included blocks, you can select your preferred keystroke feel and sound.

Kawamura top RKawamura

I had my first experience with Envoy, and the bouncy keystroke feel is really pleasant.

Summary|Now is the time to get it!

This is a brief introduction to SixtyFive.

SixtyFive is available on a semi-custom basis, allowing you to choose your favorite case color and parts to create your “one and only” unit.

Also, for a limited time, use coupon code now for $20.00 off.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Coupon code: 65DAY1

Expiration date: 3:00 a.m. Japan time on April 19, 2024

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