New Keychron V1 Max Released|Upgrades Include Wireless Functionality and Gasket Mount


On November 7, 2023, Keychron updated its official X (formerly Twitter) to announce the launch of the new Keychron V1 Max.

The Keychron V1 Max is the middle class in the keyboard lineup, with an updated wireless connectivity and mounting system compared to the previous V1, in addition to the popular 75% layout.

V1 MaxV1
Connection methodUSB Type-C
Bluetooth 5.1
USB Type-C
plate (often as in “tectonic plate”)PC (Polycarbonate)steel
Mounting MethodGasket mountTray Mount
MCU Storage256KB128KB

In particular, the use of gasket mounts and abundant sound-absorbing materials have brought the Q series up to the level of the high-end Q series in terms of key feel.

V1 Max structure scaled

On the other hand, the use of ABS plastic for the body has succeeded in reducing costs, and it can be said that the full assembly kit is available at a low price of $94.00 and the barebone kit at $74.00.

The only coloring is carbon black, and the new Gateron Jupiter series is used for the keyswitches.

Gateron Jupiter mechanical switches

Red SwitchesBrown SwitchesBanana
pressing pressure45±15gf55±15gf59±10gf
Movement to operation2±0.6mm2±0.6mm2±0.6mm
keystroke4mm max4mm max3.4mm max
reactionlineartactileearly bump

At this time, sales in Japan have not been announced and can only be purchased through the official website.

Information and image reference: Keychron

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Discount Code: ryo10

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