Niz Micro84 Review! The definitive capacitive non-contact system, but if you’re going to buy one, it might as well be the Micro82.[PR]


The HHKB is probably too well known for its capacitance non-contact method.

However, HHKB only offers 60% English or 65% Japanese layout models, and does not sell the more common 75% size.

Niz” is what you should consider in such cases.

This article reviews the Niz Micro84, a 75% capacitive non-contact keyboard.

  • Niz’s capacitive non-contact keyboard has a great feel when typing.
  • First choice for those who want function keys in HHKB
  • If you want to change keycaps for fun, buy the Micro82.

Niz Micro84 was provided by AKEEYO (Moritu Co., Ltd.), Niz’s distributor in Japan.

Niz Micro 84
Niz Micro841
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About Niz Micro84

Here is an overview of the Niz Micro84.


Mode Design Envoy 60 scaled
  • Brand: NIZ
  • Type: EC Keyboard
  • Size: Length*Width*Height (32cm*12.5cm*2.5cm)
  • Weight: 760-1150g
  • Keycap: PBT
  • Keycap color: gray-white (new model with two-color keycaps)
  • Springs: 10g (default 40-50 springs)
  • Switch: 35g/45g capacitive switch
  • Key: 84 keys
  • Interface: USB / Bluetooth 5.0

About the Manufacturer Niz


The manufacturer, Niz, is a keyboard brand based in China.

In Japan, AKEEYO, described below, is the distributor, and Aliexpress also has a NIZ store.

The product lineup is extremely detailed.

About AKEEYO, our distributor in Japan

As mentioned above, Niz is a manufacturer that manufactures and sells its products in China, and Moritu Co., Ltd. is the distributor in Japan for domestic sales.

Moritu Corporation is branded as “AKEEYO”.

DistributorMoritu Corporation
Name of RepresentativeYang Xiaoping
Chief Administrative OfficerMasayoshi Kunio
address5 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
For inquiries, please contactAKEEYO
Phone : 05058402668
Mail :
You can contact us here
*9:00AM-6:00PM (except year-end and New Year holidays)


Niz Micro84 review with actual photos

Let’s take a look at the Micro84 using photos of the actual device.

Mode Design Envoy 58 scaled

The size is about the same as a typical 75% keyboard.

The directional keys are independent, and you can see that there are very many keys on the bottom row.

The array is an English array.

The keytops are impressive for their clean look, as there is no Japanese kana notation.

Mode Design Envoy 61 scaled

A plastic tilt mechanism is mounted on the back.

Niz Micro8413

The angle can be increased by two steps from flat.

Personally, I use it without tilt legs because it already has some slope in its default state.

Niz Micro8412

A distinctive feature is the USB plug.

It has a recessed shape so that it does not protrude from the main unit, and grooves are provided for cable guides.

Be aware that depending on the shape of the USB Type-C cable, it may interfere with the insertion slot.

Niz Micro 84 Highlights

Let’s now look at some of the highlights of Micro84.

  • Wireless connection is possible in Japan as it is compliant with technical regulations.
  • Very pleasant keystroke feel
  • Pressing pressure can be adjusted to the desired weight.
  • Capacitance non-contact system but with function keys.

Wireless connection is possible in Japan as it is compliant with technical regulations.

The biggest problem with keyboards for foreign products is the technical compliance issue.

Even if a keyboard is equipped with a wireless function, it cannot be used unless it is certified as conforming to technical standards, which is a violation of the Radio Law.

In this respect, Niz can be used in Japan with confidence because AKEEYO is the distributor and has obtained the technical qualification.

Very pleasant keystroke feel

Niz Micro845

The capacitive no-contact keystroke is often described by the onomatopoeic sound of a “pop-pop” keystroke, and the Niz is truly worthy of this description.

It is difficult to describe, but it feels good to type.

This is difficult to convey in writing, so please watch the video I created.

Kawamura top RKawamura

It really feels good.

Pressing pressure can be adjusted to the desired weight.

pf de00b3e7 342

The Niz Micro84 is extremely light, with a 35g pressing force, so it can be used without discomfort even when switching from a normal or pantograph keyboard.

In addition, as with the HHKB, it can be easily changed to 45gf by replacing it with a spring (sold separately).

Capacitance non-contact system but with function keys.

Niz Micro843

The capacitance non-contact method refers to the fact that it does not have a contact point, but senses input according to changes in the capacitance in the dome and converts it into an electrical signal.

pf ce6e4f10 8

The absence of mechanical contact points provides excellent input durability and a very smooth keystroke feel.

The HHKB is the world’s most famous keyboard that uses this method.

It is a very popular keyboard, but the lack of directional keys and function keys are often heard as disadvantages.

In this respect, the Niz Micro84 has become popular because it has both directional and function keys.

What you need to know about the Niz Micro84 before you buy it

Although this machine successfully solves the demerits of HHKB, there are still some demerits that should be noted before purchasing.

Let’s introduce them in order.

  • Special length of space bar and no replacement keycaps
  • No Japanese layout, only English layout
  • Keymap change software is not intuitive.
  • A Windows machine is required for full-scale operation on a Mac.

Special length of space bar and no replacement keycaps

Niz Micro847

The Micro84 is Cherry MX compatible and therefore fits popular replacement keycaps.

However, because of the special size of the space bar length, it is not possible to replace only the space bar with a normal replacement keycap set.

Similarly, Niz Plum66 suffers from the same phenomenon.

The ability to replace keycaps to create a keyboard of your own liking is one of the best parts of a mechanical keyboard.

HHKB uses a unique keycap shape called “Topre Axis” and there are very few keycaps available for replacement, so it is a major disadvantage that the Micro84 has a similarly limited selection of keycaps.

If you want a keyboard with interchangeable keycaps and a 75% layout, we recommend purchasing the Micro82, which has interchangeable space bars.

No Japanese layout, only English layout

Niz Micro848

Unfortunately, only English-language layouts exist for the Micro84; Japanese-language layouts do not exist.

Those who use Windows for Japanese input will be most troubled by the lack of a “half/full-width” key, in particular.

To switch between alphanumeric and kana on an English keyboard, use the “Alt” + “~” combination.

In addition, the position of @, brackets, and round brackets vary, so some familiarity is required.

Keymap change software is not intuitive.

pf e4bf1fa3 main

Click here for the keymap modification tool ▷▷▷.

The Micro84 can change the keymap itself to a physical arrangement different from the printed one.

The changed keymap is saved in the keyboard itself, so the keymap is retained even if the keyboard is connected to a different computer.

However, this keymap modification software is difficult to use intuitively and requires some getting used to.

The interface language is all in English, and many people may find it difficult to understand.

Kawamura top RKawamura

It would be easier to see if the specified key is replaced by another key, but the fact that the before and after changes are listed together gives the impression that it is difficult to understand.

A Windows machine is required for full-scale operation on a Mac.

The aforementioned keymap modification software, unfortunately, can only be used on Windows.

Therefore, Mac users who want to use Niz must prepare a Windows machine or run Windows on the simulator in their Mac.

If the existing arrangement is fine, the keymap itself will not be changed, but this is a disadvantage for those who want to customize it.


These are the reviews of the Micro84.

Overall, this machine is very complete, but the special size of the space bar and keycap compatibility issues are major disadvantages.

Therefore, if you are looking for a 75% layout keyboard with capacitive non-contact system, not Micro84, Micro82 is recommended instead of the Micro84.

Niz distributor AKEEYO also has a lineup of tenkeyless and full-size capacitive non-contact keyboards.

Some models are not sold on Amazon or other retailers, so please purchase them on our official sales website!

Let us continue to help you with your keyboard life!

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