NuPhy Air60 and Air75 keyswitches upgraded to Gateron Low-Profile 2.0


On May 15, 2023, NuPhy announced that it has upgraded the keyswitches on its existing Air series, the Air60 andAir75.

The Gateron Low-Profile 1.0 was upgraded to the 2.0 version, which enables deep strokes.

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Air Series Upgrade Details

Indeed, the official sales website shows that the keyswitch is new.

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See the table below for the differences between the old and new keyswitches.

Gateron Low-profile Switches 2.0 (Gateron Official)

Operating force50±15gf55±15gf65±15gf60±15gf
End force60±5gf60±5gf70±5gfunknown
Total Travel3.2±0.2mm3.2±0.2mm3.2±0.2mm3.2±0.2mm

Gateron Low-profile Switches 1.0

Total Travel2.5±0.5mm2.5±0.5mm2.5±0.5mm

Thus, the difference between the old and the new is more than just the fact that it is lubricated, but the total travel has been greatly improved, making the key feel more like a normal profile.

For detailed differences between the old and new, see the article below.

Unfortunately, no sound-absorbing material and original key switches

If you are a NuPhy fan, I am sure many of you were disappointed by this announcement.

Yes, just having more keyswitch options would not be an “upgrade”.

I think what we fans have been waiting for is the same “quieter” and “original key switches” and new PBT keycaps as the Air96.

I am especially disappointed in that, why the original key switch cannot be selected by default this time.

Just having the option of carrying the well-received “Daisy” and “Wisteria” would have increased the number of prospective buyers.

The author believes that only when these three points are in place can it be called “Ver. 2.

NuPhy Air 60 mod 3

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