NuPhy Halo96v2 is now available


On April 23, 2024, NuPhy updated its official X to announce the Halo96v2, a 96% keyboard.

The price is $139.95 and only $149.95 if the Silent Red Switch is selected.

Currently, the product is available for pre-order, with an application deadline of June 11, 2024, and shipping after June 11, 2024.

As an initial pre-order bonus, Canopus Shine-through Cherry Keycaps are available at a 50% discount of $12.00, and an exclusive desk mat is also available at a 50% discount of $12.00.

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Also included are 8 free transparent keycaps and a 30% discount on the Twotone wrist rest.

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Discount Code: ryo10

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  • April 23, 2024 Reservations begin
  • Updated version of the first version released on November 26, 2022
  • Price is $139.95, $149.95 only if you choose the silent red switch
  • The color lineup is available in five colors (Obsidian Black, Ionic White, Mojito, Blue Lagoon, and Sakura Fizz) as well as Halo75v2.
  • Selectable keyswitches are also new (mint, raspberry, lemon, silent cherry).
  • Keycap profile changed to original mSA as in Gem80
  • Supports QMK/VIA and can change keymap
  • Changed from top mount to PCB gasket mount
  • Of course, the Ghostbar is used for its quietness.
  • Improved polling rate to 1000 Hz for wired/2.4 GHz band wireless connections
  • More sound-absorbing material is also installed than the previous model, resulting in thockier keystrokes.
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The Halo96v2 is a 96% layout mechanical keyboard with a numeric keypad.

This time it is “V2” and has evolved significantly from “V1”.


In terms of specifications and evolution, it is similar to the Halo75v2.

After all, the most important evolutionary point would be PCBs.

Keymap changes are now supported and can be easily made on-screen on a QMK/VIA basis.

The PCB gasket mount softens the feel of the keystroke and, combined with the sound-absorbing material installed, is expected to make the keystroke feel even more thocky.

Other evolutionary points are described below.


Lighting evolves


The reason for Halo is that there is a “band of light” around the perimeter.

This has been updated to 2.0 and now shines more beautifully.

Evolution of keystroke feel with gasket mount and sound-absorbing material


The evolution from top-mounted to PCB gasket-mounted has resulted in a “sinking” feel, which was well-received in the Gem80.

The gasket-mounted structure is expected to absorb the impact of typing, resulting in a softer key feel.

The multiple layers of sound-absorbing material are also expected to result in a thocky keystroke sound.

Adopted mSA keycap


For keycaps, the OEM profile has been changed to the mSA profile.

The “spherical design” with a depressed center section provides an attractive fingertip-attractive typing feel.


In addition, the indented portion of the homing key is designed to allow LEDs to penetrate through it.

Ultra-low latency connection at 1000Hz, ideal for gaming applications


As with Halo75v2, the polling rate has been improved to 1000 Hz for wired/2.4 GHz wireless connections.

This enables ultra-low latency connections, which can be used for gaming applications where a momentary delay can decide the winner.

Supports keymap changes


Starting with Halo 96v2, the long-awaited keymap change is now supported.

Using a web application called VIA, you can now set your favorite keys in your preferred locations, and you can also set macro keys.

Adoption of new keyswitch


Starting with this release, a new keyswitch co-developed with Gateron/Cherry has been adopted.

Its appearance is a look that NuPhy fans will love.

As for the silent red switches, they make little slurping sound when typing and will provide comfortable typing in the office without worrying about keystroke noise.

NuPhy x Gateron /NuPhy x Cherry Switches

SwitchMintRaspberrylemon (Citrus depressa)Cherry Silent Red Clear-Top
FeelLinearLinearTactileSilent Linear
Operating force37±15gf46±15gf55±10gf46±15gf
Total Travel3.6±0.2mm3.4mmMax3.6±0.2mm3.7±0.2mm
Prices are affordable at $19.8 for Silent Linear and $12.6 for everything else.

Even during the preorder period, Green Keys coupon codes are still available, so be sure to take advantage of them.

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Happy 10% OFF Coupon : [ ryo10 ].

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