NuPhy official explains the difference between Field75HE and Field75


On May 30, 2024, NuPhy posted a new article on its official blog.


The content focuses on the differences between the Field75HE with magnetic keyswitches, which recently appeared as a teaser image, and the regular version of the Field75.

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Ryosuke Kawamura

He launched his own media as a site operator and web writer, and now plans and manages multiple corporate media. He often types heavily in his work, and in his search for greater efficiency, he became addicted to the keyboard swamp and established “GreenKeys”.

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Conclusion: Which do you recommend, Field75HE or Field75?

Who we recommend Field75 for

  • I want to enjoy coloring.
  • I’m not that into games.
  • I like a relatively good typing feel.
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Who we recommend the Field75HE for

  • Professional gamers with strict demands on keyboard responsiveness, accuracy, durability, and customization
  • People who want to stick to their game.

Difference between Field75HE and Field75

Below is the official published difference table.

featureField75 HEField75.
Switch typeMagnetic Switchmechanical switch
connection modeWired onlytry mode
Maximum Polling Rate8000Hz1000Hz
RGB Directionfacing southfacing north
softwareNuPhy Dashboardfield console
Upgraded top mount×

There are four differences between Field75HE and Field75 as follows

  • Keyswitch mechanism is magnetic
  • Polling rate is 8 times higher
  • Controlled by dedicated software
  • Upgraded top mount

Keyswitch mechanism is magnetic


After all, the biggest difference is that the keyswitches are magnetic.

The published difference table is quoted below.

Magnetic Switchmechanical switch
operating principlesanalog signaldigital signal
rapid triggerSupportNot supported
Adjustable actuationSupportNot supported
Working range0.1-4.0mm1.2 to 1.6mm
Minimum trigger stroke0.1mm1.2mm

Thus, magnetic switches are characterized by the ability to set a very fine “operating range,” which is the range from the time the switch is pressed to the time it responds.

Therefore, even a slight touch of a keyswitch can be set to output as a signal, allowing the user’s thoughts to be reflected on the PC more quickly.

It also supports “Rapid Trigger,” in which input is entered at the moment a key is pressed and is released the moment the key begins to return.

Kawamura top RKawamura

If the sensitivity to input is too high, normal typing will be hindered by frequent mistouches.
This system itself seems to be designed solely on the premise of a “game”.

Polling rate is 8 times higher


The unit of delay from input to operation is the “polling rate.

The Field75HE is only available with a wired connection, but while the polling rate of the regular version of the Field75 was 1000 Hz, the HE has a whopping 8000 Hz.

Latency is only 0.5 ms.

This allows for a faster response.

Controlled by dedicated software


Magnetic switches are different from mechanical key switches and require more detailed settings.

We are therefore developing the NuPhy Dashboard exclusively for the Field75 HE.


  • Rapid Trigger
  • double click
  • Single press actuation
  • Setting and adjusting the function of individual keys
  • keymap change
  • Customize keyboard lighting effects

At present, the control software is installed on a PC as before, but a web-based driver is scheduled for release in late 2024.

Upgraded top mount


Although the detailed mechanism has not been stated, it is top-mounted, and the PCB is connected to the top plate via a silicon plug, which seems to improve the keystroke feel.

Specifically, it is expressed as follows

Resonance between the internal structure and the case is greatly reduced, providing a more pleasant typing sound and relatively soft keyboard feel.

significantly reducing resonance between the internal structure and the casing, thereby providing a more pleasing typing sound and a relatively softer feel to the keyboard.

After all, when it comes to magnetic keyboards, which require faster response, “soft key feel” like gasket mounts may cause delays, so in many cases, harder top mounts and aluminum plates seem to be the choice.

However, we appreciate that doing so tends to make the keys feel as if they are being struck on a “hard board,” and that there is currently a trade-off between responsiveness and key feel.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what this “challenge” will be.

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