ZENAIM KEYBOARD” equipped with a non-contact magnetic detection switch goes on sale in May.


On April 12, 2023, Tokai Rika Corporation (Aichi, Japan) announced the ZENAIM KEYBOARD, the industry’s first non-contact magnetic detection keyboard.

The ZENAIM KEYBOARD is said to provide a smooth pressing feel with minimal rattling, and is designed to sense the on/off switch no matter where the key is pressed, and to have the same key press and return load.

The dedicated ZENAIM SOFTWARE can also be used to change the actuation point, etc.

In addition, from the captured images, it seems that it is possible to change the keymap, lighting, etc., as in VIA.

teaser image2 scaled
Image reference: https://zenaim.com/

The image shows a very thin low-profile keyboard.

As for the size, it is probably 80% TKL.

The background of the ZENAIM KEYBOARD release is the launch of ZENAIM, a gaming gear brand for e-sports.

What is ZENAIM?
ZENAIM” offers top-quality gear with unparalleled functionality and high design, and intuitive, stress-free software.
We take away all the inconveniences surrounding your gaming gear with our support system, which is available before, during, and after your purchase.
We will provide a “happy gaming experience for all”, delivering an impressive experience throughout the entire lifecycle of the game, from the first purchase to the replacement of a game.
Tokai Rika’s new gaming gear brand aiming at “WELL GAMING”, in other words.
In addition, the “ZENAIM” will be supervised by Japan’s leading e-sports top professional team “ZETA DIVISION” this time.
KEYBOARD” and “ZENAIM SOFTWARE”, which allows users to customize the usability of the keyboard, were developed simultaneously.


Behind the creation of the brand is the desire to provide high-quality “Japanese craftsmanship” with ZENAIM, as the gaming gear market is growing rapidly, but foreign brands dominate the market share and are often dissatisfied with the quality of the products.

Background of ◆Brand Creation
Global gaming gear market size to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.7% during the forecast period 2022-2030
The market is expected to reach US$154.5 billion by 2030 (*3). (*3) Currently, foreign manufacturers have an oligopoly in the market.
In addition, Japanese manufacturers are expected to play a more active role in the world. On the other hand, users are dissatisfied with the quality of even products that are considered popular.
It is not uncommon to hold
Tokai Rika possesses high-quality manufacturing and core technologies that have been cultivated in the process of creating automobile parts for more than 70 years.
We believe that the “ZENAIM” brand will be able to solve issues in the gaming gear market and create new value.
will help revitalize the domestic and global e-sports market and help Japanese manufacturing shine in the world once again.
3 According to our research.


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