Keychron K5 SE is now available from authorized distributors in Japan. Japanese model with Japanese layout, technical compliance and wireless connection.


On November 22, 2022, Keychron’s distributor in Japan, Kopec Japan, announced the availability of the Keychron K5 SE.

The Keychron K5 SE is a low-profile mechanical keyboard with 100% full layout and features a separate numeric keypad.

In addition to the hot-swappable RGB backlight model, a white backlight model is selectable, and the switch type is Gateron Low Profile KeySwitch.

The price is 19,470 yen (including tax) and up, and is available at Super Kopec, Rakuten Ichiba, and other retailers.

Kawamura top R

It was secretly pre-announced.

trade (brand) name
Keychron K5SE
Total number of keys
Numeric keyless: 104 keys (US)
multimedia key
12 keys
Main body material
ABS+Aluminum Frame
Keycap Material
18 types, 4 levels of adjustable RGB or White LED
Supported Systems
2000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer
Bluetooth operating time
BT Working Time (Backlit off on white backlit version): Up to 90 hours (Lab test results may vary by actual use) BT Working Time (Backlit off on RGB backlit version): Up to 90 hours (Lab test results may vary by actual use) BT Working Time (White backlit at lowest brightness): Up to 30 hours (Lab test results may vary by actual use) BT Working Time(RGB backlight at lowest brightness): Up to 30 hours (Lab test results may vary by actual use)
Bluetooth and USB TYPE-C
Bluetooth version
Size and Weight
Dimension: 435 x 120 mm Weight: About 673 g / 1.49 lbs Height incl. keycap (front): 17 mm Height incl. keycap (rear): 22 mm Operating Environment: -10 to 50°C
1 x Keyboard 1 x USB-A to USB Type-C Cable 1 x Keycap Puller 1 x User Manual

Information reference: https: //

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Keychron K5 SE Features

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Keychron K5 SE has the following features

  • Low-profile switches that are 40% slimmer than normal profiles
  • Robust with aluminum frame
  • Bluetooth 5.1 support allows switching between up to three devices.
  • Mac/Windows compatible
  • 6°/9° tilt leg support
  • full-size keyboard
  • Hot-swappable models available

The most distinctive feature is the use of low-profile switches and full-size switches.

Until then, the Keychron K1V4 was a full-size keyboard with low-profile switches, but it is now obsolete and has disadvantages such as no tilt leg and special keycap shape.

The Keychron K5 SE successfully eliminates this disadvantage.

Differences between Keychron K5 and K5 SE

A similar model is the Keychron K5.

Let’s look at the detailed differences.

Case MaterialABS+Aluminum FrameAircraft-grade aluminum
weight 673 g / 1.49 lbs770 g / 1.69 lbs
Hot-swappable or notGateron LowProfile: Supported
Keychron Optical: Not supported
Gateron LowProfile: Supported
Keychron Optical: Supported
tilt legantnashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta)
array (programming, programing)JIS /USUS only
Only products sold by Kopec Japan in Japan

With the “SE” in its name, the Keychron K5 SE can be positioned as a lower-priced version of the Keychron K5.

If you are looking for a better key feel, the K5, with its full aluminum body, is the better choice.

On the other hand, the K5 SE comes with a tilt leg, which may be better in terms of ease of typing.

As for the Keychron K5 SE, it is also nice to know that you can choose not only the US layout but also the JIS (Japanese) layout.

Keychron Optical Switch is not an option for K5 SE at authorized distributors in Japan.

Unfortunately, no Keychron optical low-profile mechanical switch models were available from Kopec Japan.

Personally, I am a bit disappointed, partly because I like the Keychron Optical switch.

The Gateron Lowprofile keyswitch is light compared to the specs in terms of pressing pressure, and even in the case of the 55gf brown axis, it feels only about 45gf in weight to the senses.

In addition, the keyswitches are slow to return after being pressed, giving the impression that it is difficult to type smoothly.

Furthermore, there are only three types of switches to choose from, which limits the range of options.

On the other hand, the keychron optical switches have a slightly lighter feel than the published values, but no matter which switch is selected, the return after pressing is so smooth that the keys feel the same as normal profile key switches.

Keychron K7 12

The authorized domestic sales model that uses the Keychron Optical switch is the Keychron K5.

The K5 SE is a full aluminum body and not much more expensive than the K5 SE, so if you are looking for a good typing experience, we recommend buying the K5 rather than the K5 SE.

However, the only pre-set axes are the “blue, brown, and red axes,” so to use other key switches of your choice, you will need to purchase them separately.

Also, please note that the K5 has a “US only” layout.

Kawamura top R

I recommend the “banana axis” and “mint axis” with their early bumpiness!

Keychron Lowprofile Optical Swithces

Red SwitchesBlue SwitchesBrown SwitchesWhite SwitchesYellow SwitchesGreen Switches
key load40±10gf48±10gf57±10gf30±10gf57±10gf67±10gf
Movement to operation1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm
Overall movement2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm
reactionlinearclickytactilelinearearly bump
early bump

sound sample

Keychron Optical Red
Keychron Optical Blue
Keychron Optical Brown
Keychron Optical White
Keychron Optical Yellow
Keychron Optical Mint

Summary|Low-profile keyboards are about to become popular.

These are the topics that we have reported about Keychron K5 SE being officially sold in Japan.

Recently, low-profile mechanical keyboards have gradually entered the keyboard market, with the MX MECHANICAL, a similar full-size keyboard, increasingly being discussed.

The “good parts” of the keyboard are probably its appeal, with a solid key feel inherited from the normal profile and a thin, lightweight design that is as thin as a pantograph keyboard.

If this is your preference, you should consider using this service.

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