Lofree BLOCK Review|Harmony of retro and modern with comfortable keystroke feel[PR]


If you are looking for a full-size keyboard, this is the one to use.

Lofree Block is a 96% layout mechanical keyboard with numeric keypad and arrow keys.

The retro look and the two Hermes orange knobs can be described as very impressive.

To spice up this retro look, the keyboard is equipped with modern indicators and other features that make it a perfect blend of modern and retro.

However, its appeal is not limited to its looks.

The keystroke feel is wonderful.

This article describes the Lofree Block, focusing on the keystroke review.

This product was provided by Lofree.

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Lofree BLOCK
DSC 6837
( 4.5 )
  • 洗練されたルックスが美しい
  • 打鍵感が素晴らしい
  • テンキー搭載でエクセルでの数字入力も簡単
  • インジケーター搭載で接続状況が見やすい
  • 痒い所に手が届くノブがおしゃれ
  • サイズが大ききため狭いデスクには置けない
  • キーマップの変更ができない
  • Windows/Macの交換用キーキャプが付属していない
  • まだ技適を取得していない
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Lofree Block Specifications

Here is a brief overview of Lofree Block.

  • Less is More, Less is Better” is the design concept.
  • Despite its classic appearance, it features an LED display and a gasket-mounted structure for comfortable keystrokes.
  • The Hermes orange-colored knob is a volume control and a three-contact power switch/wired/wireless switching mode knob.
  • LED indicators show battery level, CAPSLOCK status, and where in the BT ch is being used
  • 14 types of backlight effects
  • Keyswitches are equipped with TTC Full-POM switches
  • Hot-swappable
  • QMK/VIA not supported
  • Supports three connection modes: BT5.0/2.4GHz / wired connection

See below for detailed specifications.



  • Switch Type: BLOCK Switch, Full POM by TTC
  • Structure: Gasket
  • Number of Keys: 98
  • Number of Multifunction Keys: 13
  • Knob: Volume & Connection
  • Hot-swappable Support: Yes
  • N-key Rollover Support: Yes
  • Backlight: White-LED
  • Backlight Modes: 14
  • Compatible System: macOS/Windows/Android/iOS
  • Angle: 4º/ 8º


  • Mode: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4Ghz or Wired(Type C)


  • Case: ABS
  • Keycap: Dye-Sub PBT


  • Battery Life: 2000mAh
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours
  • Working Time (all lights on): 10 hours (lab test result)
  • Working Time (all lights off): Up to 80 hours (lab test result)

Size and Weight

  • 384 x 126.5 x 19.5 mm
  • 1090g

Information reference: https: //www.lofree.co/products/lofree-block-wireless-mechanical-keyboard-1

Advantages of Lofree Block

DSC 6841

Let’s take a look at the advantages of the Lofree Block, with photos of actual equipment.

Lofree Blockのメリット
  1. Beautiful sophisticated look.
  2. Great keystroke feel
  3. Equipped with a numeric keypad for easy number entry in Excel
  4. Easy to see connection status with built-in indicator
  5. Stylish knobs with an itch.

Beautiful sophisticated look.

DSC 6837

The first thing that will catch your eye will be the looks.

The understated legends of the eyes match well with the standard retro face based on gray.

The text size of the legend placed in the center is also just right, not too large like Akko and others.

It is also important to note that the accent ESC, BS, and ENTER keys are each decorated.

DSC 6845

As for the side view, it has a thin structure, which is rare in this area, and typing is possible even without a palm rest.

Great keystroke feel

First, listen to the sound of the keystroke in this video.

You will notice that while the mechanical keyboard’s typical keystroke sound is retained, there is no unnecessary echoing sound or grating high-pitched sound.

This is created by a gasket-mounted structure, proprietary key switches, and key caps.

First, look at this structure.

Structure of lofree block

Generally speaking, PBT is said to be a better material for keycaps to suppress the grating high pitch sound, but it is not enough to produce such a “thocky” keystroke sound.

The mute mechanism and gasket-mounted structure are responsible for this strike sound.

As you can see from this structural diagram, the base (PCBA) is sandwiched between several sound-absorbing materials.

A polycarbonate top plate is attached to the substrate, and a gasket pad attached to the top plate (probably made of PORON material) is tightly sandwiched between the case, so that any impact from keystrokes is absorbed by the gasket pad as it moves up and down.

In addition, the quietness of the newly developed FullPOM keyswitch made by TTC is also added to the quietness of the keyswitch, which I consider to produce an exquisite keystroke feel.

TTC Block Switch

  • Total travel: 3.8 mm
  • Pre-travel: 1.6 mm
  • Actuation force: 43gf
  • Bottom force: 50gf
  • Spring length: 22mm
  • Stem/top housing/bottom house: POM
block switches

Equipped with a numeric keypad for easy number entry in Excel

DSC 6840

Despite its size, the Lofree Block has a numeric keypad similar to a full-size keyboard.

The basic numeric keypad layout has not changed, although the “0” key is now half the size due to the layout.

It will be very useful for those who often input numbers, such as in Excel.

Easy to see connection status with built-in indicator

DSC 6846

A distinctive feature is this LED indicator.

This indicator shows the remaining battery power, the state of the CAPSLOCK, and where in the BT ch is being used.

At the time of writing, the product has not yet acquired technical qualification, so wireless connection is basically not possible in Japan.

Therefore, the application is likely to be used to check whether the CAPSLOCK condition is present or not.

Stylish knobs with an itch.

DSC 6843

This knob in Hermes orange makes it look all the more gorgeous.

In fact, these knobs are well thought out for practical use, with the left knob serving as the volume control and the right knob as the power switch and mode switching function.

Disadvantages of Lofree Block

Although the Lofree Block has a very attractive feel and look, it also has its disadvantages.

If you are considering purchasing one, be sure to understand the disadvantages in advance.

Lofree Blockのデメリット
  1. Large size and cannot be placed on a small desk.
  2. Unable to change keymap
  3. Windows/Mac replacement keycap not included.
  4. Not yet technically certified.

Large size and cannot be placed on a small desk.

IMG 20230910 115908 scaled

Being a 96% size mechanical keyboard, the Lofree Block is considerably larger than the 75% layout keyboards you may be used to, so it may not fit on a small desk.

The comparison is Lofree FLOW.

Unable to change keymap

Unfortunately, Lofree Block does not allow keymap changes.

As for modern mechanical keyboards, it is possible to change the keymap using proprietary or open source software, but at this time we do not support it.

Expect this to be addressed in future updates.

Windows/Mac replacement keycap not included.

DSC 6838

Unfortunately, m and Windows /Mac keycaps are commonly marked, and no replacement keycaps are included.

If it is a type of keyboard where the key tops cannot be removed, this is not an option, but if the key tops can be replaced, replacement keycaps would also be desired.

Not yet technically certified.

Lofree Block has not obtained technical approval in Japan.

Therefore, using the wireless connection function in Japan is a violation of the Radio Law.

Note that only wired connections are available at this time.

Kawamura top RKawamura

Once the product is officially sold in Japan, it will be compliant with the technical regulations.

What is Lofree?

Image reference: https://www.lofree.co/pages/untitled

Lofree is a lifestyle brand founded in 2017.

In addition to keyboards, the company offers office products, gadgets, makeup products, kitchen appliances, and much more.

Lofree’s brand concept is “FUN 2㎡”.

Releasing products that focus on what is within one’s reach, the company’s mission is to bring products to the world that spice up a boring life.

A typical product would be The Dot series keyboards, which won high praise on Indiegogo in 2017.

It appears that more than 2 million units have been sold worldwide.

aaa 1
Image reference: https://www.lofree.co/pages/untitled
Kawamura top RKawamura

Although we have not made a full-scale entry into Japan, we are convinced that its appeal is solid.


This is our review of Lofree Block.

Recently, attractive full-size keyboards, such as Mode97, have been appearing in droves, but as far as I know, there is still no product that can match the feel of the Lofree Block.

We are so confident in the keyboard’s key feel that we recommend it.

This site has partnered with Lofree, and we encourage you to use the coupon code below to receive a 10% discount on the price of the product.

Coupon Code: ryo10



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